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  1. Alfa

    State Inspectors Crack Down

    State inspectors are cracking down on stores still selling ephedra
    products, banned by the federal government in early April.

    The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has issued "stop-
    sales orders" to more than 180 stores in Florida still stocking the
    products, department spokesman Terence McElroy said.

    In the Big Bend, records show the orders went to six convenience
    stores - four in Marianna, one in Wewahitchka and one in Tallahassee.
    Another went to BodyBuilding.com, a sports and fitness nutrition store
    in Tallahassee's Lake Ella Plaza.

    Ellik Hawkins, that shop's assistant manager, disputed the
    department's order: "As far as we're concerned, there were no ephedra
    products on our shelves."

    Statewide Cases

    McElroy couldn't comment on specific cases but said inspectors found
    ephedra products statewide in late April and May, after the April 12
    ban, during routine inspections.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced the ban last year on
    products containing ephedra. In February, a medical examiner linked
    the death of Baltimore Orioles pitcher Steve Bechler to his use of an
    ephedra supplement, according to reports.

    Ephedra is a naturally occurring substance; its active ingredient is
    ephedrine, claimed to aid in weight loss and heighten athletic
    performance, according to reports.

    But, according to the FDA's Web site, "the use of ephedrine ... is
    associated with two to three times the risk of nausea, vomiting,
    psychiatric symptoms such as anxiety and change in mood,
    hyperactivity, and (heart) palpitations."


  1. manda
    I snorted effederin once on accident, and it actually got me pretty wired out. I have never tried ingesting the pills, though. I thought that anything over-the-counter would be too weak. Perhaps I was wrong. Great, now that it's banned I want to try the stuff.
  2. sands of time
    There are stores around here that still sell it. Its interesting that you must be18 or olderto buy it though.
  3. manda
    In my state, itand all products like it have been banned from the shelves.
  4. Gerard
    yesma huang is the plant that contains ephedrine. if its a standadized extract it is probably 6-8% ephedrine
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