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‘Banning legal highs would shift problem – not solve it’

  1. chillinwill
    BANNING legal highs would simply shift the cost from Health to the criminal justice system, according to the manager of Drug Concern.

    Tracey Rear said it would be interesting to see how a ban would impact on younger legal high users, but it would not necessarily be the answer to the problem in Guernsey.

    ‘I think we certainly need to have a responsible, coordinated approach to the problem on the island,’ she said.

    ‘If a ban reduced the number of young people trying legal highs, then it can only be a good thing, but then there would be different issues to deal with.

    ‘If there was a ban, then they would be made criminals and would have to go through the criminal justice system.

    ‘Before anyone makes a decision it should be looked at carefully.’

    Earlier this week, Health and Social Services minister Hunter Adam revealed that the department had spent £400,000 on sending young people hooked on legal substances to the UK for treatment.

    By Anna Brehaut
    October 31, 2009
    This Is Guernsey


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