Barack Obama Ecstasy Pills Hit Streets: Approval Ratings High

By Terrapinzflyer · Dec 2, 2009 · ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Barack Obama Ecstasy Pills Hit Streets: Approval Ratings High


    PALMVIEW, Texas (CBS/AP) President Barack Obama's poll numbers may be hovering in the 50 percent range, but that doesn't mean America's Commander in Chief isn’t catching on with new constituents.

    Obama now has his very own line of Ecstasy pills, according to Texas police who have snatched a batch off the streets.

    Ecstasy is known for a sense of elation, diminished feelings of fear and anxiety, and ability to induce a sense of intimacy with others.

    Perhaps a good Election Day strategy to get out the vote?

    A stash of the brightly colored tablets was found Monday during a south Texas traffic stop.

    Police in Palmview detained a driver after finding black tar heroin, cocaine, marijuana and several Ecstasy pills in the back of his car.

    The drugs look like a "vitamin for kids," police spokesman Lenny Sanchez said.

    Police say that other Ecstasy pills they found were made to look like the cartoon characters Homer Simpson and the Smurfs.

    The 22-year-old driver is expected to face felony drug possession counts.

    Palmview is near the border with Mexico.

    No word on the driver's political affiliation.

    Posted by Ryan Smith
    December 2, 2009 12:44 PM


    COMMENT It should be noted that these pills have not been lab tested yet, nor is there any indication they were even field tested.
    The DEA has reported lab testing of identical looking pills before, as have other places.:

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  1. Synchronium

    Lock up your children.
  2. Zoidberg
    I love the headline!
  3. fnord

  4. NeuroChi
    That's awesome. Shows he really connected to one crowd, that's for sure. :laugh:

    I wonder how pure they are...
  5. g666d
    Swim had some Obama LSD tabs, they were real thing and very nice too. About 5 months ago. Could have been stronger, but could still trip off half. [edit] i think they were the ones which inspired 'About the use of swim...' post i did :)
  6. Terrapinzflyer
    If they are the same as all the other Obamas turtles seen lab test results for they are BZP, TFMPP and caffeine. Can never tell from a visual based ID of course, but have yet to see one tested that contained MDx.
  7. NeuroChi
    Has said amphibian seen lab test results which are available on the internet by any chance?
  8. Swimster
    Test results arn't in but according to the dea, man! I was hoping that these good looking batches had a full pure dose of MDMA i admit. Because i like Obama. they just have discusting junk in them. I still get upset seeing dirty chems in pills, but Obamas?...:(. printers are dirty and very anoying when theu cut junk in pills. I'm not that keen on obama, i guess i just got excited becuase he is non republican...

    Those are some ausome prints though! It seems that the best prints always have junk while the crappy loking ones are pure, btw. I hear it's bcause mdma dosn't press well at all...
  9. Terrapinzflyer

    june 2009 DEA microgram- can't link here and uploading the old micrograms to the archives has been on the "to do" list for sometime...

    rumor has it, and the turtle would bet his life, these come via vancouver BC - the same gang thats been flooding the US with piperazines for a couple years now at least :mad:
  10. ThaDevilinYoEeayuH
    Wow :(. I know for a fact it's not as good as it looks. I feel that it's bad representation and disrespect for my president. All i'm saying is if your going to make a x pill of President Barack Obama's face on it, the president of the most powerful and strongest country in the world, it's only right have it pack a strong powerful dose of ecstacy in them.....

    Had to be a Republican pill pressing distributor in the game.

    Or the effects of the recession from budget cuts to cutting dope.
  11. NeuroChi
    That's ironic then, they're not even ecstasy and they're not even illegal.
  12. lorentz5
    I have a friend who did these two months ago. He never tried ecstasy before, so he didn't have a baseline for comparison, but this is what he described:

    He took two pills (red and green colored) at noon one morning and an hour later, he felt a very warm tingling sensation in his chest which spread through his entire body. He felt extremely pleasurable waves pulsating through his body. His perception of time was heavily slowed down, and these effects persisted for about 3 hours and was accompanied by random and mild hallucinations. After the 3 hours, the pulsations noticeably subsided and he became slightly agitated, felt the need to move around, and felt very "out of place." He still felt the pleasurable euphoria and stereotypical "love is all around" feeling, but it was juxtaposed with his uncomfortable jaw griding and mild headache. This feeling persisted for 12 hours. He noticed his pupils were very dilated even after 7 hours after taking the dose. He fell asleep at 3AM, and by that point, he only had that "out of place" feeling and a bad headache. The next morning, he found it extremely difficult to perform simple tasks involving learning and memorization - he particularly struggled remembered things short term. This etardation wore off after 3 days.

    I have another friend, who is an occassional xtc user, who took just one of these obamas and reported a very normal, average xtc experience.

    That's all the info I have. I don't know if these are fake or not based on my friends' reports, but I guess we'll have to wait for the analysis info to appear to know for sure.
  13. lorentz5
    I find this almost everywhere. That is why I'm so confused as to why my friends reported positive experiences.
  14. lorentz5
    BZP Effects from Wiki

    Coming up
    • [x] Feelings of euphoria, wonder, amazement, well-being, energy and elation
    • [x] Rapid mood elevation
    • [x] Enhanced sociability
    • [x] Enhanced appreciation of music
    • [x] Increased desire to move, also slight increase in stereotypy
    • [x] "Rushing" sensation[20]
    • [x] Skin tingling
    • [x] Decreased appetite
    • [x] Repetitive thought patterns
    • Actual and perceived changes in body temperature
    • [x] Mild jaw clenching/bruxism
    • [x] Increased heart rate
    • [x] Dilation of pupils (see photo)
    • Slight nausea
    • [x] Flushing
    • [x] Mild xerostomia (dry mouth)
    • Slight urinary incontinence, often described as "leaking" a small amount of urine after urinating (not due to loss of bladder control)
    Coming down:[22]
    • [x] Mild headache
    • Nausea
    • [x] Hangover-like symptoms (common with high doses)
    • [x] Fatigue
    • [x] Increased hunger (and sometimes thirst)
    • [x] Insomnia
    • [x] Confusion

    The [x]'s symbolize what my friends report experiencing. In light of this analysis, I believe I have strong evidence to conclude that these pills were indeed fakes. Of these, the most distressing were the confusion and the persistent desire to move. The most pleasurable were the first 30 minutes of flushing, rushing, and euphoria.
  15. Potter
    When Microgram has tested irregularly shaped pills with deep features, they seem to consistatnly come up as beta-ketones and never MDMA, cartoon charecter heads, Transformer logos, not round pills with a picture on them. I'm under the impression this has to do with the high cost of the equipment used to manufacture such pills, and that it's being inferred that these pills are coming from labs in S.E. Asia where it is far easier to manufacture said drugs and get the equipment needed to shape them.
    But the important part is that pills like these should always be regarded with high suspicion.
  16. sandoz1943
    These did not test well. Total crap. Hope the real Obama tests better.
  17. sandoz1943
    Ohh ya test went brownish orange color. Test results for MDMA are by color black/purple is the desired result brown or orange indicates the presence of speed, Methamphetamine, or Amphetamine.
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