Barack Obama

By savingJenniB · Nov 5, 2008 · ·
  1. savingJenniB
    Barack Obama

    President Elect in the U.S.A.

    There is hope!!!

    Only wish we could tar-n-feather "W"
    and drive him out of country.
    Bye Bye Baby Bush ~
    Don't forget to take that old Mr. Cheney with you.

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  1. Nature Boy
    John McCain lost for three reasons IMO:

    1) George W. Bush tainting the Republican reputation
    2) Sarah Palin
    3) Strength of the opponent

    A convincing victory for Obama. He has a tough job ahead of him but his support alone gives him a better chance than a lot of presidents in the past. It might turn out to be the most interesting presidency in generations. McCain should get his own MTV reality show.
  2. savingJenniB
    It is going to be an uphill struggle. Huge national debt ~ all created in the past 8 years. Two foreign wars, and uncontrolled (Republican term = "deregulation") banking / Wall Street greed.

    Additionally, the Bush administration ~ quite specifically the offices of Vice-President Cheney ~ have categorically dismantled the EPA ~ Environmental Protection Agency. This was done bit by bit ~ changing titles & job descriptions, changes in policy, continuous cut-backs of staff & $$$, and changes (Republican term = policy updates) in the definitions and jurisdiction. All this was done in a stealth & calculated manner designed to circumvent congressional and judicial consent / attention.
    "Drill, baby, drill!" Watch out Alaska ~ you are about to be disemboweled.

    If Barack runs the country in the same tempered, intelligent and steadfast manner as he ran his campaign much will be accomplished in the next 4 ~ 8 years. It was an honorable respectful campaign implemented by strategic genius and grassroots internet networking. I have high hopes that we Americans will finally have leadership we can be proud of ~ here and all over the world.

    I support our troops ~ time to bring them back home ~ alive. Build schools not barracks. Create new jobs, sustainable energy sources and universal healthcare ~ not prisons.

    Hope springs eternal.

  3. old hippie 56
    The EPA wasn't the only department that was changed, everything that didn't fit in with war machine was. From Housing to healthcare.
  4. Metomni
    I am hardpressed to actually get excited, but had McCain won I might think about leaving. I think Obama will do a fine job, at least given what he's been handed. I say if he gets re-elected it could be viewed as one of the better presidencies ever by the end of his period.
  5. cra$h
    It's definitly going to be interesting. Domestically, he's going to be great, just look at what he did to Chicago. But I think people have too much hope, and he won't be able to complete half of what he says, even if he gets reelected.

    the real interest is going to be in the forign affairs section. He has no forign experience, and is scared to make big desicions as a senator, so being president is going to be something to watch.
  6. discodave
    on a UK tv program they asked recently why joe biden wasn't allowed to talk much in the campaign. i wanted to say because he was white. in the short term obama seems a fairly capable candidate who may make a good president. but lets be real here. if mccain was black and obama white everyone would have voted mccain. it's no bad thing, it is a massive signal that the white race is perfectly willing to accept the black race as an equal and it's about time they faced up to that instead of hiding behind a history of slavery no white people were alive for and only 1 in 100 white people's ancestors were responsible for. it saddens me how few people know slavery really worked. it was 1% of the white population.

    thats a much more important message to send than the next 4 years of policy wil be. i hope the black community step up to the plate now and stop crying slavery when they took slaves too from sicily, cornwall, etc, just because whites were more advanced back then and better at it.

    this is a gesture from us to you to show we see you as equals and a gesture from you to us to show you are ready to be equals. let's cut the affirmative action and endless slavery crying now and we will respect you. now you are the most powerful colour on earth if you keep crying race foul it's not going to go down well, because if you do in a couple of decades white people will be the niggers. and how do you suppose that will work out? it won't be good for us, or for you.

    tag, you're it. obama knows the score. shine the torch well. everyone, black and white is watching with interest. and we want you to succeed.
  7. superdupernaut
    "but lets be real here. if mccain was black and obama white everyone would have voted mccain"

    I call bullshit on this one!

    Being a member (or half-member) of a minority race that has a poor reputation is no help for winning an election.

    I voted for Obama, but let me tell you what: his name, his ties to places not-america, and his personal appearance/ ethnicity did not encourage me to do so.

    Honestly, on a gut level I would have much rather voted for an all-american white boy.

    My social-libertarianish views were the factor on voting for Obama.
  8. savingJenniB
    I voted for Obama because he was the intelligent choice. I voted for Obama because I want the USA out of Iraq. I have friends who could not ~ would not vote for Obama simply because he is black ~ and they just could not get beyond that.

    McCain is an fumbling old fart that could not stopping talking about Viet Nam & being a prisoner of war. I hated the war in VietNam ~ many of my friends & classmates were killed or wounded over there. If I had been born a male, I would have probably been drafted & send there myself.

    I call Bullshit on this one too, discodave ~ overcoming racism is still a slow tedious process in the USA.
    Barack Obama was elected because he's the best man for the job.
  9. BuriedinFrost
    wow wow wow, i call bullshit on the bullshits because alot of places in America, especially the Bay Area around San Fran which is where i live in California, there is tons of super ghetto racist black people that hate whites that voted obama just because he was black. TONSSSSS of stupid ghetto kids that were 18+ actually registered to vote, just so they could get the black man elected and run the whites out of office. White people also got a huge amount of whats called "white guilt" because even thoguh it was only 1% of us, they have rubbed the shit in our faces so much in the last 50 - 100 years, how can we not feel shitty about it?
  10. savingJenniB
    Guess it's a really good thing for all of us white folk ~ that Barack Obama is half white!
  11. savingJenniB
    :thumbsdown: BuriedinFrost ~
    Your comment on my Blog has been bothering me all day.
    It is crude, crass, and borderline racist.
    Being as this is my blog ~ I have the option of moderating you out of here . . .
    However, I'm not fond of censorship and would prefer handling this directly
    Kindly curb your attitude ~ or at least keep it out of this blog.
    There are plenty of DF threads where you can freely post your political (and racial) views . . . . .

    :eek:Heh heh heh ~ let's see how you fair there.
  12. BuriedinFrost
    My bad JenniB, i'll remember to keep the attitude in check, just infuriates me sometiems when i think of the 08 election (not that i prefer mccain i hate his guts to and he is clearly the greater of the two evils.)
  13. savingJenniB
    Thank you ~ BiF
    You aren't as jaded & negative as you pretend to be.
    Bet there is a bitchin dude somewhere close inside.
    Politics suck ~ don't let them get you down.
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