By Alfa · Feb 21, 2004 ·
  1. Alfa

    'Special K' Has Become Alternative For Shabu, Ecstasy Among Drug Users

    KETAMINE hydrochloride, also known as "Special K," may soon be included in
    the list of banned substances under Republic Act (RA) 9165 or the
    Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

    Sen. Robert Barbers said he will initiate a move to ban "Special K" in the
    next Congress to help the anti-drug agency of the government prevent the
    proliferation of the drug.

    Barbers, who is seeking reelection under the administration Koalisyon ng
    Katapatan at Karanasan para sa Kinabukasan (K4) in the May elections, said
    he has received reports that illegal drug syndicates have started to peddle
    "Special K" since the drug is not included in the list of banned substances.

    The senator is the principal author of the Comprehensive Dangerous Act of
    2002 and chairman of the Senate committee on public order and illegal drugs.

    According to reports of the Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task
    Force (Aidsotf), "Special K" has been introduced into the local market
    since last year as an alternative to shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride)
    and ecstasy.

    The drug is available in powder and tablet form and costs P1,000 per gram,
    which is cheaper than shabu and ecstasy.

    "Congress must always make a pro-active stance when it comes to the war
    against dangerous drugs. Now with the introduction of this new drug called
    "Special K", we have to immediately amend the law that will include this in
    the list of banned substances under Republic Act (RA) 9165," Barbers said.

    Barbers said at least 19 shabu laboratories have been raided and drug
    syndicates have been neutralized.

    "We are winning the war against illegal drugs by leaps and bounds, let us
    not place these achievements to waste. I am giving my word to (PNP deputy
    director) General (Edgar) Aglipay that his call to include this new banned
    substance will not fall on deaf ears in the next Congress. I will
    personally push for this amendment both in my public and private capacity,"
    Barbers added.


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