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Barmen accused of manslaughter of hotel guest were ‘untrained on alcohol danger’

  1. Erumelithil

    THE TWO BARMEN accused of the manslaughter of a British man in a Tipperary hotel never received any training on the potential dangers of excessive alcohol consumption and were told to meet the needs of their guests, a court has heard.

    Gary Wright, 34, and Aidan Dalton, 28, have pleaded not guilty to the manslaughter of Graham Parish at Hayes Hotel in Thurles, Co Tipperary in July 2008.
    Parish, from Lancashire, died hours after celebrating his 26th birthday by drinking heavily at the hotel bar.

    It has been reported that Parish consumed around eight shots in a pint class, including vodka, gin, Baileys, brandy and possibly Jagermeister after which he slumped off his bar stool and was later found dead.

    On the third day of the trial at Nenagh Circuit Criminal Court, the hotel manager Gerry McGovern confirmed that neither of the accused men had received any training on the potentially dangerous dosages of alcohol they gave to customers, the Irish Independent reports.

    McGovern, who has been the hotel manager for 22 years, confirmed that no disciplinary action was taken against the barmen following Mr Parish’s death.
    He added, reports the BBC, that the rule was not to serve alcohol to a customer if they are stumbling and bar staff should check to make sure the customer is “okay on their feet”.

    The court also heard that McGovern could not locate the job description for the two men which they were supposed to have read and signed when they started working at the hotel, the Irish Times adds.
    The trial continues next week.

    Hugh O'Connell
    The Journal


  1. Erumelithil
    Just an update, the verdict was returned and the barmen were found not guilty.
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