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Barney Frank just made the best argument for legalizing all drugs

  1. Calliope
    In a wide-ranging Rolling Stone interview hitting such diverse topics as Bernie Sanders’ appeal to young people, music and drugs, former Congressman Barney Frank—the first openly gay member of Congress—slammed the drug war and called for the legalization of all drugs.

    Asked what the next frontier of progressive politics is, Frank said that lefties should fight to lower the military budget, create a better economic safety net, and “end the stupid drug war.”

    Pressed on whether he thinks all drugs should be legal, including heroin and meth, Frank doubled down:

    Yeah. We should outlaw a drug if it is likely to make you mistreat others. People don’t hit other people in the head because they’re on heroin; they hit other people in the head because they need to get money to buy heroin.


    July 28th, 2016
    The Influence Staff
    Image: World Economic Forum/Flickr

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  1. perro-salchicha614
    "Brevity is a virtue"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Feb 27, 2017
    This article makes its point in a concise way.


  1. noddygirl
    Haha Amen to that! That's pretty much the argument I made on Ethereality's thread a while back. People attack others and steal because they cant get their drugs. Because it's illegal...so they have to resort to crime and harming others.
  2. Booty love
    yea but certain drugs have no business being legal.
    crystal meth
    are 3 drugs that have no place in recreational legalization!

    all 3 have pharmaceutical versions of each other
    but cocaine has no psychological benefit for humans
  3. Sirnatural
    what an idiot
  4. gonzochef
    ALL drugs, including coke, meth, and heroin, should be legal and accessible. The lack of legality and access is what turns addicts to crime. Fact: when hard drugs are legalized and regulated, both crime and overdoses go down considerably.
      Calliope likes this.
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