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Batavia Council Wants Tougher Bath Salt Laws

  1. SmokeTwibz
    Batavia, N.Y. - Police in Batavia have fielded more than 30 emergency calls related to synthetic drugs such as bath salts in recent months according to city manager Jason Molino. The city also witnessed a raid on July 25th by Drug Enforcement Association agents pertaining to synthetic drugs. Monday night, Batavia’s City Council decided it will advance a resolution in September that would urge state lawmakers to pass tougher penalties for synthetic drug users or distributors.

    “We’re doing all that we can within the jurisdiction we have. I think at this point and time, Albany has to take some stiffer laws and regulations in order for us to enforce them at the local level,” said Molino.

    The New York State Department of Health issued new regulations on August 7 to help rid the use and distribution of synthetic drugs.

    "Bath salts and other synthetic drugs pose a direct, serious threat to public health and safety, and we must do everything we can to remove these harmful substances from sale and distribution in New York," said Governor Andrew Cuomo in an August 7th news release.

    A formal pitch to state legislators from Batavia’s City Council is expected in September.

    In New York State, new penalties for use or sale of synthetic drugs include up to a $500 fine and or 15 days in jail.

    Reported by: Evan White
    Published: 8/13 11:07 pm

    Author Bio

    My name is Jason Jones. I'm from Rochester, MN and I'm 35 years old. I scrap metal and work as grounds keeper at a local trailer park. In the winter, I shovel a bunch of driveways and sidewalks to make some extra money and to stay busy. In my free time, I try to find interesting articles about the war on drugs that I can post on Drugs-Forum, so that the information can reach a wider audience.


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