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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    WOOD COUNTY -- It wasn't marijuana or cocaine this time that Ohio State Troopers seized during a drug bust. But a large amount of the designer drug called bath salts.

    The patrol confiscated five pounds of the drug following a traffic stop on the Turnpike in Wood County Thursday night.

    The bath salts are worth $150,000 on the street.

    26-year-old Zeeshan Ghani and 34-year-old Panchal Dipesh both of West Columbia, South Carolina were arrested.

    The men are being held in the Wood County Jail. If convicted, they could face up to 21 years in prison and a $42,500 fine.

    In October, Ohio banned bath salts. The use, possession and distribution of them.

    by Kevin Kistner
    December 09, 2011



  1. hypernihl
    I feel really bad for people making a living selling real bath salts that are mean't to be dumped in a tub full of warm water.

    5 lbs of what, white powder or boxes containing a product labeled "bath salts"? How did they know?

    Well, the media will quote the monetary value of a wholesale drug bust by it's street value. They do the the same with the charges, quoting the maximums.
  2. Spanishfly
    Am I missing someting here? Bath salts - Sodium carbonate - with a fragrance - that my wife puts in her BATH - are illegal?? Or am I mising something ?
  3. Trippery
  4. Trippery
    Basicly, a company cant sell drugs as drugs, or the FDA will kill them. So they sell it as an innocuous product with a suggestive name.
  5. snapper
    Eight Ballz is sorta telling though - I doubt this was a bubblebath powder...
  6. madscientistgirly
    I'm confused- the label on the "Eight Ballz" bath salts shown in the photo says the product "does not contain MDPV, methylone or mephedrone." Was the product tested and found to contain these, or is it just the labeling that makes it illegal?
  7. Terrapinzflyer
    ^^ Ohio HB64, enacted last year, banned 6 cathinones (mephedrone, MDPV, methylone, 4-FMC, 3-FMC, and methedrone) and also either modified, or created a state analog law.

    So regardless of what substance was actually in the products- the state will likely be able to move forward with a prosecution.
  8. Basoodler
    Ohio is wierd about stuff like this.. they hammer these guys, but ignore the knock off bath salts and spice being sold in ghetto "Arab stores". Chances are that truck had a delivery or two in Dayton and springfield
  9. necrophage
    I spent a few nights in the Wood county hilton once. It's a real hellhole of a facility. By far the most twisted, deranged and facist C.O's I've ever seen in a county jail.

    with names like Zeeshan and Panchal I'm sure they're having a blast right now
  10. smegg
    lucki ly i found these 'salts' 2 weeks before they were banned in my state [mn]. because it was dirt cheap and easily accessable i found myself injecting 20-30x's a day. eventually i developed an amphet psycosis unlike any i have experienced and i have done loads of speed in my day. i think it is safe to say that the day it was taken off the shelves i was in pretty rough shape to say the least. its prohibition probly saved my life. no shit. people all over the country had 'adverse' reactions causing them to jump out of windows, attack their loved ones and in several cases commited a murder due to their agitation. it was a short, strange chapter in my life no doubt.
  11. Rob Cypher
    Those guys are probably Pakistani, and there are Middle Eastern "ghetto" store owners who aren't Arab.

    And obviously they would've been scot-free if they gotten back to the store, if what you're saying is true. :laugh:
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