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BBC: Mexico police seize 'cartel head'

By fnord, Apr 3, 2007 | |
  1. fnord
    Map of Mexico showing Tijuana
    Police in Mexico have arrested a man they allege is the leader of one of the country's biggest drug cartels.

    The suspect, Victor Magno Escobar, is said to be an operator of the Arrellano Felix brothers cartel, known as a major player in the US drugs trade.

    Mr Escobar, a former policeman, was detained with several others in the border town of Tijuana, police said.

    The cartel's previous leader, Javier Arrellano Felix, was arrested last year and is now in an American jail.

    At its height, the so-called "Arellano Felix Organisation" is thought to have been the main supplier of cocaine and marijuana to the US.

    Officers who arrested Mr Escobar also seized a number of guns, bullet-proof vests and pick-up trucks, a statement from prosecutors said.

    One of the suspects detained with him was a serving member of Tijuana's police force, according to local media reports.

    The arrests come at a time when Mexico's government is seeking to crack down on violence linked to drugs trafficking.

    President Felipe Calderon has been sending thousands of troops to several Mexican regions to tackle drug cartels.

    Last year, more than 2,000 people died in cartel-related violence - some of the victims were tortured or beheaded.


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