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BBC News: Legal highs 'plaguing' Guernsey, says a former addict

  1. phatboy303
    Legal highs are a plague that is ripping the heart out of Guernsey, a former addict has told the BBC.

    The BBC has learned the majority of those now entering the island's prison are there because of crimes associated with being dependent on the substances.

    Prison chaplain Billy Gilvear said: "They're destroying lives. The users personally and also their families.

    "It has definitely been a factor in one or two lives that have been lost recently on this island."

    He said he has had enough of conducting funerals for people who have died because of their involvement with legal highs.

    A former user told the BBC he was funding his £200 a day habit through selling everything he had, then stealing and ended up sleeping in a public toilet.

    Within a month of taking legal drug mephedrone, he suffered anxiety, paranoia and depression.

    Those spoken to by the BBC, including prison authorities, Drug Concern, users and Mr Gilvear, all thought between 50 and 100 islanders are addicted to mephedrone, which is said to be more addictive than heroin.

    Importing and exporting legal highs for personal use was banned in November after a commercial ban was introduced in April. However, possessing and using them is still legal.

    Feb. 17, 2010
    BBC News


  1. phatboy303
    this is probably the worst piece of mephedrone / legal high reporting in the uk press so far. shame on the BBC for what is clearly a load of lies. the video clip on the original report is far worse than the write up.

    i've made an official complaint to the BBC. i hope some more people will join me

    sorry i'm too new to paste the complaints link.... perhaps someone else could
  2. blink1989
    Sorry I had to post this.. SWIM is still in stiches where it says mephedrone is more addictive than heroin lol
  3. Routemaster Flash
    Hang on, hang on: someone is spending £200 a day on "legal highs"? Is this supposed to be a mephedrone addict? This stuff is dirt cheap, especially if you're buying in bulk, which an addict certainly would be. Obviously I can't mention actual prices here but anyone who's bought this stuff will tell you that a twenty-pound-a-day meph habit would be enough to screw you up royally. Two hundred is more like a figure you'd associate with a severe cocaine or heroin addiction (probably more like a cocaine and heroin addiction, thinking about it), and even then, that'd be going some.

    But then, complaining about the BBC getting its facts wrong on a drug story is like pissing in the wind...

    (Unless I've got it all wrong here and there's some new highly addictive and very expensive legal high going around? In which case you're probably better off with smack, I mean £200, really!)
  4. phatboy303
    i guess if you count nicotine and alcohol as legal highs then a £200 a day habit could be believed, although unkikely. Infact most of the report would be more believable if you count those two.
  5. Routemaster Flash
    SWIM's never taken heroin, and the comparison between that and meph does sound a bit of an exaggeration - but all the same, SWIM personally knows people who've got pretty messed up from the stuff. Not just because of a weekend-long binge either, but from a sustained habit over several months. Let's not forget that it's chemically pretty close to methamphetamine...

    More generally though, I'm not sure it's useful or appropriate to compare a psychologically very more-ish (but physically non-addictive) stimulant with a physically addictive, dependence-forming opiate. I mean, you sometimes hear people say tobacco is more addictive than heroin, but you don't see people whoring themselves for a smoke (though maybe you would if cigarettes were as expensive as smack, I don't know, haha).
  6. Routemaster Flash
  7. BoyInTheCountry
    Did I read that correctly? Mephedrone is more addicting than heroin... Definitly defintly one of the worst reports on mephedrone yet. And how oh how can you spend £200 a day on mephedrone, if you actually took £200's worth in 24 hours you would die. Period.

    What a load of rhubarb.
  8. Burgersoft777
    This has to be the silliest and most irresponsible article on Mephedrone so far.
    I can believe that people might build up quite a tolerance to this drug, but its not addictive in the same way heroin is. £200.00 pounds a day? That's a stack of powder to go through. I think we are seeing media generated hysteria.
    Swim has tried this legal high and yes it is kinda more-ish, but it doesn't seem to be that attractive. There is certainly a hangover that can be quite unpleasant, and frankly after the first couple of days use it doesn't do all that much. maybe a few people will get into a mess with the stuff, but for most people it will not offer enough of a high to return to unless its all there is about. At this rate it will be banned before to much longer, and we can only guess what the next Drug craze will be. BZP was pretty well understood and had enough of a hangover to put most folk off over doing it. The result of banning BZP has been the emergence of this and drugs very like it, which frankly we do not understand and which have not been tested at all.
  9. vegoon
    SWIM just did a little bit of research and from one vendor, that means this bloke was doing around that amount every single day. Bollocks was he, maybe it was street methadone? SWIM hears hat is fairly expensive
  10. phatboy303
    I suppose that if the offender in question was caught with a significant amount he may have lied about his habit in order to claim it was personal, rather than intent to supply..... Maybe!

    Apparently there's some sort of legal loophole in Britain whereby if the "source" is anonymous then they can basically say whatever they want as no-one is liable.

    Also, long before the Daily Mail exposed mephedrone to the UK masses, before Mixmag even mentioned it, apparently the Beeb did a show with George Lamb in it about legal highs, the first report of mephedrone in mainstream UK media (i didnt actually see it but i heard about it).

    Anyway, i made a serious, probably too lengthy, complaint to the BBC complaints department, it would be good if more people did the same. I'm too new to post the link here and its not very easy to find on the website, perhaps someone else could help here.....
  11. phatboy303
    Legal loophole i was referring to being to do with "news" reporting. Basically, the Beeb can make up any bollocks and say they are quoting an anonymous source. No-one is liable for these claims so they get away with it...
  12. Abrad
    What are the odds whoever they asked thought they meant how many people were being treated with methadone?
  13. coolhandluke
    swim would give you good odds on that. swim thinks if heroin dependent people could just switch to mephedrone, there wouldn't be heroin addicts or methaDONE clinics. swim would expect this out of Fox News, but not bbc. what a load of shit, swim could do a better job reporting than that guy.
  14. blink1989
    Yeah.. SWIM was a bit drunk when that was posted! He inteded on saying that £200 of mephedrone could probably overdose the entire population of Guernsey, but refrained incase (like you said) there was this new addictive and super expensive legal high that he was unaware of.

    I think some people mistake the 'moreishness' with being addictive.. I mean a video game can be moreish too, right? An opiate addiction is however no joke.. Anyways swim can enjoy mephedrone one day, and leave it the next (unless he's still high on it).
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