BC Teacher faces Death Penalty

By MrJim · Aug 29, 2005 ·
  1. MrJim
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    <H1>B.C. teacher faces death penalty in Taiwan</H1>Last Updated Mon, 29 Aug 2005 11:12:01 EDT
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    A B.C. teacher is facing the death penalty in Taiwan after being arrested for allegedly smuggling and trafficking cocaine.

    28-year-old Mathieu Forand was allegedly found with cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana.

    Friends in Taiwan say the English teacher was throwing a party in his home in Taipei at the time of the raid. Forand has been teaching English in Taiwan for several years.

    In Taiwan, drug crimes are subject to the death penalty.

    Friends say the prosecution is pushing for the death penalty or 25 years in prison, while Forand's lawyer is arguing for a sentence of 10 to 15 years.</DIV>


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