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Bears Forced to Drink Alcohol to Entertain Diners at Russian Restaurant

  1. Basoodler

    For two decades, a Russian restaurant has allegedly kept several wild bears and forced them to drink beer in order to entertain customers. Many of the bears became sick as a result of subsisting on a diet of unhealthy food and booze, and eventually became dependent on alcohol. Now animal rights activists have taken action and justice may finally get served.

    Prosecutors say the owner of the restaurant in Sochi, Russia, first adopted the bears as cubs and eventually allowed customers to give the bears booze and take photos with them. The spectacle, which attracted “droves” of visitors to the restaurant, was intended to make the diners “laugh.” Restaurant owner Dzheniks Uzaroshvili reportedly claimed “beer is good for them because they live in such a climate.”

    Luckily, local community activists protested against the cruel conditions and now the bears have been taken into court custody. But their dependence on alcohol, and legal obstacles, pose problems for finding the creatures a new home.

    “The animals definitely should not be held in such conditions,” said Sergey Zenkov head of the regional wildlife protection agency. “But there are many legal obstacles if someone wants to take them away, even with a court decision. We will consult with lawyers when we get the court decision.”

    Capturing and force-feeding alcohol to bears to entertain customers is an old tradition in Russia that has died out in recent decades. Apparently, the cruel practice remained common in Ukraine, until the country’s environmental minister, Mykola Zlochevsky, spoke out against it just a few years ago. "How long can we tolerate animal torture in restaurants where drunken guests make bears drink vodka for laughs?" he said.

    Hopefully, not long.

    By May Willkerson 02/09/15


  1. tayorous
    This is disgusting first intoxicating the bears and then making them perform absolutely outrageous it sickens me I'm glad they have been taken and the owner arrested
  2. babalooj
    I wonder how they'll treat the bears's alcohol dependency? A bear can't tell you how he is feeling, what a situation. A slow benzo taper will probably be best, but i doubt it, i imagine they don't treat chemical dependency in bears all too nicely, hopefully for the bears they won't get cold turkeyed
  3. Rob Cypher
    How would you perform a benzo taper on a bear? I don't think there are any real guidelines for doing that with large mammals (pretty sure there aren't any established guidelines for dealing with their alcoholism either).
  4. Basoodler
    I personally broke a big long term vodka habit 100% cold turkey. (Not counting a few instances of am2201,5 meo mipt and a nightly dose of otc sleep aids).. I maintained my full time work schedule without missing any time (cause they woulda fired me) and I survived..

    I figure these bears Could do the same..

    I'm not saying that it's ok. To cause an addiction in a helpless animal. Its not ok.. Nothing about the treatment of these bears was ok.

    I guess, I'm just trying to point out that these are fucking bears. Who will probably have a couple days of not feeling well and then be over it.. A bear can't go out and buy a beer to screw up it's recovery.

    Why in God's name would you give a bear a benzo.. That would be just as bad if not worse than the alcohol.. I wouldn't want to be around a bear who is jonesing for benzos.. In a foul mood that is only made worse by brain shocks
  5. babalooj
    going cold turkey off of alcohol is horrific and can be dangerous, yet for some reason some people, as rob cypher, can do it without any problems. It is all down to the individual bear, though i doubt anyone in that situation gave it any thought
  6. Rob Cypher
    It can also depend on how much alcohol they were feeding them daily - if their BAC was consistently high enough, they could be facing some time with the DTs. Lord knows I wouldn't want to be around a bear going through that.
  7. Basoodler
    I didn't mean to sound like alcohol withdrawal is a walk in the park.. It was painful for many reasons.. Both physical and mental. I acknowledge that there is a slight chance of death in relation to D.T.'s, which I would consider a mostly physical aspect of the withdrawal.

    Aside from that:

    I'm no expert in bear metabolism but I would chance a guess and say that they metabolize the alcohol more slowly than a human just based on physical size and weight. Which I would assume make for an easier withdrawal. The bears also are not burdened with the enormous emotional aftermath of their habit, nor will they have to deal with any temptation to get more..

    To even consider adding medication to the mix is akin to extinguishing a grease fire with gasoline. If the bear is in distress, I'm sure a vet can decide the best method of aleviating the problem on an instance by instance basis.

    Maybe the concern about bear rehab is a slight overreaction?
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