Beautiful things and a pair of wings

  1. LittleBabyNothing
    Yesterday was a strange day.Like a trip back in time.

    I had to go to a little town where I and my husband once lived to collect some things from house where we lived.I had not been there for ages.We moved to this place from capital in hope to get rid of addiction, but opposite to our expectations, we just kept sinking further and further down.And carvings started,because allmoust everything in that town reminds me of using drugs,even landscapes I have not seen being clean,only stared at them while being high.

    When I entered our room, it was quite a sad experience.I have forgotten how much we loved to surround oursevles with beautiful things- all these artworks,photographies, sculptures, instalations,good books and oriental style fabrics!But between all this layed used syringes, deformed spoons and cups (Some still had some water inside).We wanted such a beautiful life,but we screwed it.

    But I think that there is still a chance for us to have this beautiful life we were looking for, because life itself has changed dramatically since I use only occasionaly.And it is possible to quit togeather if both in a couple are addicts.:)

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