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Bedford couple unwittingly grow cannabis

  1. Phenoxide
    View attachment 28830 An elderly couple have unwittingly grown the "biggest cannabis plant" police officers had seen after buying what they thought was an innocuous shrub from a car boot sale.

    The couple, who live in Bedford, had planted the drug in their garden.

    Police officers were astounded when they spotted the plant. They have collected it and a spokesperson said it would be disposed of.

    The couple will face no action from the police.

    The officers took to their @bedfordlpt Twitter account to express their surprise at the find, saying:

    BBC News
    8th October 2012


  1. enquirewithin
    What a waste-- a beautiful plant!
  2. Anna Thema
    Nah, we bought it at the car boot officer honest ;) lol thats like saying we got it off a bloke down the pub with a dog.

    They knew what they were doing, they might be old but theyre obviously not stupid. (proof - they just grew a monster ganga plant in their garden and didnt get nicked, OK, they got busted so theyre not completely clever, but they didnt get charged, they probably got a nice cup of tea and biscuits lol) Theyre obviously pretty good at gardening too. That's a 5 foot fence panel and the weeds topping it easily. Interesting to note thats an old conifer beside it which would suggest the grounds slightly acidic in that area. The grass is also very green indicating high nitrogen conditions. (true, my definition of interesting isnt everyones definition of interesting)

    Would be nice to know the seed that can grow like that in UK outdoor conditions, maybe Northern Lights, defo some kind of mountain plant. Sort of feel like the old folk are setting the benchmark and the youngsters arent pulling their weight.
    "biggest cannabis plant we've ever seen" quote copper
  3. opticcaravan
    what a news..!!! old citizens are now growing drugs in their garden !!! :O

    i think cops should send them some bonsai to them. after all they took their grown up plants.
  4. GeographyGeography
    Wow so refreshing to see common sense exercised and have the couple face no charges. What an easy, inexpensive, non-problem for the couple AND for the government! Meanwhile in my state the local PD is still busting down doors with battering rams, shooting people for no reason, and throwing families into a private prison system that is essentially slavery for large fractions of their lives, because of this very plant.
  5. JJ1234
    All I have to say is it is a beautiful plant and I understand why someone would want to grow it as an ornamental. I mean in all rights no plant should be outlawed but that goes without saying. now if that were to happen in one of our many messed up states here in the US it wouldn't surprise me if this couple spent the rest of their lives in prison.

    So other than the plant being destroyed I think law enforcement handled this well. Good news is if I choose to grow me a few plants I can legally do so in my state. Bad news is somehow the federal government don't see it as my right although we voted for it. So in short it's a messed up world we live in but sometimes the "right" thing happens anyway.
  6. Cash.Nexus
    Yes maybe Lights, certainly something Hindu-Kush in there. Maybe also some Ruderalis to cope with UK conditions?

    Unlikely female. If so, imagine how their garden (& the neighbourhood) must smell on a hot Autumn day!
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