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Belfast baby 'was bitten in drug binge'

  1. SamanthaRabbit
    Belfast baby 'was bitten in drug binge'

    A baby boy allegedly bitten and bruised was injured during a two-day drink and drugs binge, a court has heard.

    Police made the disclosure as the child's mother, who faces child cruelty charges, appeared before magistrates in Belfast for breaching bail conditions.

    The 19-year-old, who cannot be named, was returned to custody for flouting an alcohol ban.

    Police have also accused her former partner of causing grievous bodily harm with intent to the child.

    The boy was aged around six months when he sustained the injuries in north Belfast in September 2009.

    Both of the suspects are due to stand trial for the alleged offences in the new year.

    During a previous court hearing it emerged that the child suffered up to 20 bruises to his body.

    These included apparent adult bite marks and finger-tip bruising, according to the prosecution.

    It was also claimed that the baby had been shaken and may have suffered a blow to his head.

    His mother had been released on bail to stay at a hostel outside of Belfast.

    Her barrister told Belfast Magistrates' Court this was due to the notoriety of the case making other addresses unsuitable.

    Paul Bacon said his client accepted breaching bail by taking two Bacardi drinks but argued that she could be released again.

    "She is no danger to anyone else," he said.

    "The injured party in this case is her young son who has now been taken into foster care.

    "Ultimately this child will be adopted."

    However, an investigating detective opposed bail due to the perceived risk of further offending.

    He said the accused had "gone AWOL" in the past and informed social services she was going to visit friends who have children.

    The officer added: "These injuries we believe were caused during a drinking and drugs binge over a couple of days."

    District Judge Fiona Bagnall expressed concern that the breach had occurred so soon after the accused was released from custody.

    She refused to readmit her to bail, directing instead that the case should be considered by a Crown Court judge who had allowed her out.

    November 26, 2010


  1. Smeg
    The officer added: "These injuries we believe were caused during a drinking and drugs binge over a couple of days."

    Red is a father who simply feels horror at what has been reported as happening to this poor wee baby. He actually wants to cry.

    These are normal reactions.

    What he finds objectionable about the article itself however is how it frames the apparent events within the alleged context of alcohol and drugs.

    Drugs and/or alcohol when mentioned in the media, it seems, are often used to deepen the horror and render the perpetratrators of crmes that much more reprehensible and worthy of hatred in their readership.

    People may be less likely to receive a fair trial.
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