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Bellingham burglar armed with semen-filled squirt gun gets 18 months

By Rob Cypher, Mar 23, 2013 | Updated: Mar 23, 2013 | | |
  1. Rob Cypher
    BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON - A Bellingham burglar who armed himself with a squirt gun loaded with semen must serve 1 1/2 years in prison.

    Eric Michael Miller, 21, and two other men tied bandanas over their faces on the evening of Jan. 18 and broke into an apartment in the 900 block of High Street.

    A man sleeping on the couch awoke to find two men pinning him down and beating him. Aiming handguns at him, they demanded to know where the sleeper's roommate had gone, because he owed them money, "possibly for drugs," according to charging documents filed in Whatcom County Superior Court. They held knives to his throat and hairline.

    Throughout the assault the man lost consciousness several times. But at one point, he caught a glimpse of Miller's face under the mask. He recognized him. Miller pistol-whipped him with a real handgun, according to the charges. Then he took out a squirt gun and sprayed the man in the face.

    "Now you're like the rest of my bitches, covered in semen," Miller said, according to court records.

    Miller took the man's money and wallet, according to prosecutors. A witness reported seeing four men running from the scene. Police showed up to find the unit unlocked, ransacked and full of overturned furniture. Nobody was home.

    A few minutes later the victim - a man who had past run-ins with the law - called police from Ferndale. He claimed he feared the men might come back, so he'd fled.

    Officers recovered a bandana and a squirt gun from the scene. A substance in the gun tested positive for semen.

    Miller turned himself in to police within two weeks. Deputy Prosecutor Jim Hulbert considered filing charges of first-degree burglary with a sexual motivation.

    But prosecutors didn't feel they could prove he got any sexual gratification out of spraying the man. Instead, Hulbert said, it seemed to be more about humiliating him.

    Miller pleaded guilty Thursday morning, March 21, to first-degree burglary, a class A felony. He declined to address the court. Judge Deborra Garrett sentenced him to 18 months behind bars.

    Miller had no criminal history. Nobody else has been arrested in connection with the burglary.

    03/21/2013 4:41 PM



  1. chronicroaster
    Re: Drug-seeking Bellingham burglar armed with semen-filled squirt gun gets 18 months

    I don't see how dealers can front other people drugs. I used to be in the business a little bit and would never in my sane mind front someone drugs, not even would front the occasional stoner weed. A multitude of things can happen as to why they can't pay and getting your money back involves charges like this, (well take the squirt gun full of semen part out) and getting $20 or $40 back isn't worth going to prison over.
  2. coolhandluke
    Re: Drug-seeking Bellingham burglar armed with semen-filled squirt gun gets 18 months

    i doubt he "broke out the big guns" (couldn't resist) over 20 or 40 bucks.

    most people who deal in small amounts of drugs dont front unless its a close friend but the higher up you go most people get their stuff fronted, from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. thats my experience at least there is always exceptions but i can only think of one person i met who bought quarter pounds of weed with cash.
  3. MikePatton
    LMAO broke out the big guns! :)
    I could only imagine the agonizing proccess of filling that squirt gun with so much semen just to make a point, this guy is hardcore.

    Oh and in my experience nobody ever fronts anything no matter how big the purchase, it's cash or get the fuck out.
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