Betrayal, is that the norm in this society?

By cyndi · Jul 12, 2008 · ·
  1. cyndi
    I have this on my mind today. I am very hurt and saddened. Those of you that know me know I have had some big challenges lately. Well supposedly my ex best friend wanted me to come visit her. So I packed and went her way, only to get a call from hubby that she called him and said for me not to come because I have a lot of issues and she can't think about it. First I know that, i don't tell her my problems, she digs. Then I tell her but I am honest. I am so angry and hurt that she had to call my husband when she invited me, I didn't say I am coming. This is bullshit. I can't be friends with dishonest people, lying is the worst quality I can think of. Sorry but I am so angry. Well I went since I was on the road to another friend's house, sort of a sad sack with that drama but anyway...she is a true friend and surprisingly with this one you wouldn't think so, she is a hippie and out there, but sweet and trustworthy.

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  1. mickenator
    I finds that in isolation that I'm never let down, I don't get betrayed and Iam happy being left alone. If I wanted company then I can have it but because of my issues it is just easier to be alone. They always say the ones closest to you are the ones that hurt you the most and it is sad to say but it is usually true. It is good though to have one person who'm you can always rely on to be there for you and preferably not family.
  2. cyndi
    You know Mick I don't trust people very readily being hurt as much as in my past. I allowed this person who says she loves me and then pulls that nonsense. Now I always knew she could be judgement and a bit pretentious but I overlooked that. Also my grandpa had a saying if you can't look someone in the eye, and meet them face to face with an issue, you are not much of a man. Going around to someone else who happened to be my hubby since she couldn't tell me herself, just lie is complete bs. Yeah I also tend to isolate just because I have had some backstabbing issues and I don't deal with that well.
  3. Metomni
    Closest to you hurt you the most because you let them in more. SWIM continues to let people in very easily and yet when all goes wrong he doesn't change. It's a vicious cycle.

    By the way, I like the angel cyndi. :)
  4. savingJenniB
    Friends ~ true friends ~ not us cyber geeks
    True friends don't come along that often.
    Change your seating and take a new perspective.
    Put on your rose colored glasses and try to see the big picture.

    Friendships should be nurtured & cherished.
    "Commence reset procedure!"

    pulled a Zen for the Day card just for you:

    Forgive yourself and everyone around you.
    When you judge others,
    You are the one who feels pain.
    Through forgiveness, all pain disappears.
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