Betsy's First Amphetamine Experience.

By DHCdiva · Apr 28, 2012 ·
  1. DHCdiva
    Betsy was peering over my shoulder as I was reading the chatbox, and she wanted to share her first Amphetamine experience with this Blog.

    Betsy was 17, and went out every weekend with friends who lived a few towns away. One particular night, they were going to a club. They went and bought their alcohol for the night (Strawberry 20/20, and a bottle of vodka for Betsy-they used to sneak drink in. Betsy's best friend was the Dj in the club so they never had their bags searched!)

    Betsy had used alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis, and knew her friends used other drugs too. Betsy didn't see the point in using substances like that - she'd read so many horror stories about getting addicted to drugs from only one use (if only she'd known then what she knows now!) and she didn't want to bring 'shame' on her high achieving family by becoming an addict.....

    Anyway, this particular night, they needed to drop some dj equipment off at a friends house, so Betsy and friends turned up to the house of a lady called Jackie. It was a lovely house. Betsy was used to nice houses, and this one was really a hidden gem. It was a new build, five bedrooms, and mock Georgian.

    Jackie answered the door , welcomed Betsy and friends and beckoned them to come in. The house was immaculate and very classy. Jackie had a daughter who was 12 and another who was 8.

    It soon became apparent to Betsy that Jackie was a drug dealer. Betsy began to feel panicky - what if the police turned up? What would Betsy tell her parents?! Betsy's friend was buying a variety of drugs, and when she had finished, Jackie turned to Betsy and asked if she'd like anything. Betsy replied that she'd never taken drugs before and in any case, she'd spent all her money on alcohol.

    Jackie said "hey, no worries, have a freebie of some Whizz on me", and she watched Jackie get a bag from the kitchen cupboard just above where her eldest daughter was doing the washing up.
    Jackie then reached for a common household object (one which every time Betsy uses these items with her children, it brings to mind what some people use it for!) measured some white powder into it, and sprinkled it into the strawberry 20/20 Betsy was drinking 'because if you don't mix it with a drink it tastes awful!'
    Jackie then put some more in a plastic sandwich bag for Betsy to take with her.

    Betsy had visions of big bruiser boys turning up at her parents house threatening to break all their legs if Betsy doesn't pay Jackie back for the Whizz freebie.

    Jackie's daughter had finished the washing up, and, holding up another of the measuring implements, said to her mum "Mum, I'll put this here in this cupboard so you know where it is"

    Betsy felt shocked that not only was her daughter aware of her mother being a drug dealer, she was openly reminding her mum where her measuring items were being kept.

    Anyway, it was time to leave, so betsy and friends piled into a Mini and set off for he club. It was quite a ride away, and during he journey, the Whizz started to take effect on Betsy.

    It started as a warm, excited feeling, making Betsy feel really happy yet her head was straight as if she was sober. They arrived at the club and Betsy's friend started to prepare for her set.

    Betsy had a wonderful time, chatting to various people, feeling really warm and confident, but relaxed. After an hour or so it was time for the punters to enter the club.

    As more people came in, the atmosphere started to build. Betsy felt euphoric and was noticing sounds in the songs that she had never noticed before - especially "Children" by Robert Miles. A man started to chat to Betsy and they were havinga good time, dancing away to Betsy's friend's DJ set and occasionally chatting to others. After awhile, the Whizz started to wear off, but Betsy still had some of the freebie Jackie had given her.

    Betsy went to the toilets to put the rest of the whizz in her drink, and she was greeted with chaos. A girl was trying to stop all the other girls from going into toilet cubicles because 'the club is gonna rip you all off!' (the owners of the club had painted any horizontal suface in the cubicles with a thin layer of cooking oil, so that if anyone went to make a line, it would get soaked up by the oil) the shouty girl had apparenttly tried to do this and was accusing the club of robbing her.

    She was eventually taken away and everone could finally go to the toilet! Betsy plopped the rest of the powder into her drink and went back into the club. Betsy was quite astounded by how the night was going, because she really doesn't like the kind of music that was being played, but here she was, completely enjoying herself yet she felt fully aware of everything - Betsy's past experiences were only with Alcohol and Cannabis, so Betsy was actually expecting to feel drunk.

    Betsy went back into the club, where Chris was waiting for her, and they went to a table to sit down. They started talking about crap like college, work, where each other lived, etc, and they were having a really nice time. Chris told Betsy he usually takess MDMA or Ecstasy (spelt wrong?!) and he too was here with one of the DJ's. He said that this kind of music isn't really his favourite, but he fancied a change tonight so his friend said to come with him.

    Anyway, they were getting flirtier with each other and pretty soon they started kissing -which was very unlike Betsy because she was very against people doing things like that in public. And then other stuff started to happen tha Betsy isn't happy to share with anybody (not sex, you dirty minded lot!)

    Betsy felt amazing. She felt fantastic, really happy, her body was fizzing with excitement, and every sensation was a welcome, warm feeling and she'd never felt so happy.

    At the end of the night, Betsy clambered back into her friends Mini, and they began the drive home - although Betsy's friends bRother did the driving because Betsy's friend pays him to stay sober whenever she has a set so that he can do all the driving and Betsy's friend can take whatever drug she wants.

    When they finally got to Betsy's house, Betsy was happy but shattered. She fell asleep in her fined's spare bed and had a great sleep.

    Betsy woke up after an 8 hour sleep feeeling fresh as a daisy.

    Needless to say, this experienced opened Bety u to a completely new set of options for wen sh was going for a night out, and it was the firsy of many more to come!

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