Bettendorf Strengthens Huffing Ordinance to include Jenkem

By chillinwill · Oct 22, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    The Bettendorf City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to strengthen its law regarding what types of chemicals cannot be inhaled to also include organic substances.

    The chemical inhalation law, also known as the "huffing" ordinance, previously outlawed ingredients found in many household items, such as toluene or toluol, xylene or xylol, acetone, acetate, hexane or ketone. Such chemicals are found in paint thinners, adhesives and household cleaners that come in aerosol cans.

    The new law, which had its final reading Tuesday, replaces that language with "No person shall knowingly smell or inhale the fumes of toxic vapors, whether synthetic or organic, for the purpose of causing a condition of euphoria, excitement, exhilaration, stupefaction or dulled senses of the nervous system."

    Police Chief Phil Redington said the city decided to add "organic" to the law because they have heard of people huffing something known as "jenkem." That is a gas produced by allowing feces and urine to ferment in a jar in the sun, then people inhale the gas from a balloon, he said.

    Redington said police never have encountered such an incident within the city limits, however.

    October 7, 2009
    QC Times

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  1. podge
    So its happened - humanity finally decided its needs a law to prevent people from smelling their own shit. Surely this is the final step in humanities progress before we figure out faster than light travel and finally get to explore the outer reaches of the universe.

    Just when you think the world cant get anymore bizarre some corner of the planet enacts some jem of a law like this to keep us all laughing. Ah Bettendorf , the cultural pinnacle of humanity :laugh:

    Does this mean that in Bettendorf that farting in an enclosed space could be seen as dealing, or eating fiber could be seen as conspiracy to manufacture ? :laugh:
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