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Beware Of Alternative Pain Killer, Experts Say

  1. PillMan
    JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -It's a new drug that's gaining popularity in the U.S. It's called Kratom. And it's legal. But doctors say it can generate dependency or addiction. Similar to hard drugs like heroin.

    It comes in packs that read Floories, Kratom O-P-M and Medicine Man.

    It's marketed as a natural alternative to pain medication and yes, a legal high. It's called Kratom, it's the leaf of a southeast Asian tree and it's becoming very popular in the United States.
    It's sold as a powder to put in a beverage or a pill you can swallow.

    If taken in low doses it is said to be a stimulant, in high doses it allegedly can have a relaxing and pain relieving effect but the problem according to the medical field is that similar to hard drugs like heroin, prescribed drugs like Oxycodone and Vicodin.

    The tea can generate a dependency or addiction.

    "For instance, any kind of chemical that makes us feel happier or less anxious, we don't learn how to use our own skills to be able to approach these anxiety provoking situations and so then we become dependent on it," said psychologist Dr. Evelyn Benitez.

    Kratom is legal in the United States.

    It's readily available online or at head shops but it has been placed on the DEA's list of drugs and chemicals of concern.

    The FDA doesn't approve its consumption, therefore it is not regulated. "There's the possibility of contamination, alteration, so we really don't know what we're putting in our system and especially when it's sold without any clear proof that it's being monitored," Dr. Benitez said.

    Although it is legal in the united states, other countries have banned it.



  1. Rob Cypher
    :mad: Wow, that's a crock of crap. You guys know what that means, though. :(
  2. PillMan
    Yes they are posting news articles, about kratom being so bad and what not, a lot here lately. It is not looking very good.
  3. Emin
    Again, I would love to bring up the debate of why the heck don't we ban coffee and alcohol while were at it? So what if if it works on opiate receptors? It's such a mild high I can't see people abusing it. And long term use could be compared to a number of legal substances.
  4. imyourlittlebare
    Alcohol works on opiate receptors. μ-Opioid receptor knockout mice do not self-administer alcohol, naltrexone is used to block the reinforcing effects of alcohol, and suboxone is used off-label in some cases for alcohol addiction. The substance has minimal abuse potential and if it was as addictive as these media whores suggest, would we not see a wave of those illegally abusing opiate medications switching over to the legal alternative? Or drug dealers perhaps cutting their product with the active components of kratom (or those hypothesized to mediate the effects)?

    Small rant. I hope this isn't the end of it. The media. They love news stories about drugs and sex with no accountability regarding the accuracy of their reports. Not to mention the doctors whom might me proliferating this perspective on kratom. It wasn't so long ago that one could get over the counter codeine in the United States without a prescription. This did not lead to the moral decay of our country nor did it lead to mass amounts of crime and/or addiction. All I hear from these medical professionals is "we trust you to make informed decisions regarding alcohol, a drug which can induce death very easily. Its safe for you to dose yourself with this drug, whether it be for medical reasons or recreational. But when it comes to anything else, im sorry we just cannot trust you to dose yourself with this for any reason".

    Systematic study would be needed to prove this statement. But I would have to say that one would be hard pressed to find a person who solely abuses kratom and displays addictive behaviors similar to more potent drugs of abuse.
  5. nitehowler
    The doctors and health officials must hate the thought of being done out of a job.

    Or maybe they feel that their powers are being diminished on having the final decision on who gets pain relievef.
  6. Kid Cudi
    This recent emergence of articles describing kratom as a harmful substance that should be banned is frightening me. There have been many exaggerated claims, which are generated by the media, about kratom being as strong as actual opiates/opioids, such as morphine and oxycodone. People have to know that kratom is quite mild compared to pharmaceuticals. There have also been fallacious reports stating that kratom is as dangerous as bath salts and other research chemicals, so it should be banned immediately. Last time I checked, kratom doesn't make one go crazy and become violent towards others (no offense to those who partake in the use of these drugs). These false accusations are extremely offensive to everyone who uses kratom, whether it'd be for recreational purposes, as an aid in opiate/opioid withdrawals, or as an alternative to pharmaceutical painkillers. I believe it would be in the best interest of the people if the government did not schedule this beneficial plant and kept it legal for any who would like to purchase it.

    Please excuse my ranting. I just can't believe that kratom is under attack by the media. There are many more things out there that should be of greater concern than this. I really hope that it doesn't become illegal anytime soon.
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