Biblical Literalist Crosses The Line

  1. RoboCodeine7610

    Dear Editor,

    After already appointing a climate change denier and a creationist who believes the earth is 5,000 years old to important scientific positions within his administration, Stephen Harper has officially crossed the line.

    He appointed evangelical pastor Chris Summerville to head a committee to study the "link" between marijuana and schizophrenia.

    Mr. Summerville, the interim CEO of the Schizophrenia Society of Canada, is not a medical doctor and has no background in science. He has mental health issues and is a creationist and a biblical literalist who once said, "Satan will use any opportunity to attack, including mental illness."

    A member of his evangelical group said this is "a wonderful opportunity" for Christians to influence public policy. This should not only be highly offensive to Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Catholics, agnostics, and atheists who do not wish to have Pastor Summerville's fundamentalist Christian agenda financed by their tax dollars, it should scare any person who values science, morality, and truth in public policy.

    This government has guaranteed that studies will be unscientific propaganda, to further a religious agenda that makes a mockery of the values of secular democracy.

    There is a correlation between schizophrenia and cannabis, but a correlation is not a causal link.

    We need scientists and doctors, not religious officials, to investigate the true causes of mental illness.

    People who have mental health issues need medicine and therapy, not exorcisms.

    And it is obscene to fund a religiously motivated agenda with public funds.

    Travis Erbacher, Langley

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  1. missparkles
    Fuck...that's scary shit. Mental illness is the devil. So if Sparkles has depression she's possessed?
    Jesus, this man isn't misguided...he's positively dangerous. And Christians having a backdoor entrance, to sway and influence public opinion is devious and dishonest, hardly a moral Christian way. Sparkles is disappointed. It seems she has to get honest in her recovery, but the people who influence policy regarding drugs (like marijuana) can use all the manipulative ways they choose, and it's ok.
  2. drug-bot
    is funny how jesus and christians up until like 200yrs ago thought mental illness was caused by people being possesed by demons and illness was a result of ones sins; fuck even today theres some small christian denominations who refuse medical intervention and believe prayer will cure a person, theres been a few court cases here in the u.s involving parents denying medical care to their kids who ended up dying because of there parents faith.
  3. ninjaned
    this is the exact opposite of the kind of studies we need to see on any drug. in all honesty there are a lot of facts that we don't know about many drugs, so to remedy this what we need are actual scientists, doctors and people with neutral points of view(no extreme anti drug nor pro drug people). when you do the kinds of studies that this article is based on, you end up just scaring people with whatever kinds of results you want to make up.
  4. missparkles
    Does that mean Sparkles is still possessed?:eek:
  5. SullyGuy
    SWIM absolutely agrees! Having had a bit of a run around through the dark fields of the mental health industry himself, he can say that the last thing those people need is less science. Its a shocking amount of guesswork as it is! And as for Mr. "Christian", I don't believe him to be one, because like SWIYsparkes said, what he does is hardly moral...
  6. drug-bot
    sorry, but yes. but you can always splash some holy water on your face ,say fifty hail marys, and repeat ten lords prays and your demon will be caste out.:)
  7. ninjaned
    haha, yes and the only way to rid yourself of the demon is to give your life's savings to the church!
  8. BA
    It's because you have sin in your life. You will never be healed, until you get rid of the sin,the demos that live within you. An exorcism takes place, according to Chris Summerville, by fasting and prayer.

    That's my problem so I have been told. People will stick their head near, the ramp doors or yell from the outside, when we're parked near a holy roller church. Things like "john 3:16", come join our church, be healed, SINNER, SINNER. The preacher has come,stuck his head in the van, tried to save my soul, wanted my address so he and his decons could come visit.

    Hell, my wife told me that when I was in the hospital, recovering form that accident during cleanup after Katrina. A group of those people came to my room headed by my sisiter praying, chanting, my wife through them out, ask the nurse how could they have gotten into my room, when only two people were allowed at one time.

    I guess according to their bible, their religion only the rich, strong, healthy, drug free from birth, never committed a sin,ect,ect.., will reach their heaven.
  9. corvardus
    It is the opinion of someone's dead cousins mothers' father that I channeled in the swimming pool this mornings SWIM that a larger number of public Christians are more morally bankrupt than many would suspect. This does not surprise me one little bit that they preach one thing, Leviticus 20:13

    Then go right out. Order a manwhore sandwich and get caught in homosexual activity, like Ted Haggard or perhaps think they are too holy and are excempt from Tax, like Kent "The Grand Canyon was made in less than 5 minutes" Hovind or Tony Alamo.

    Public Christians are not big in the whole Moral thing, it is proven to the cardiacally challenged individual over and over and over again, at least the public Christians demonstrate, as if it were a "lesson" in sin, that having an individual such as this in a position of political influence will always end in tears.

    The analysis of mental illness should not be offered the person who belongs to an institution that has spent considerable resources in suppressing the spirit of man, and arguably exploit said mental illnesses, for millenia.
  10. RaverHippie
    So what is the impact of the post that this man occupies?

    I'm curious because I'm not familiar with the title since it appears to apply to Canadian affairs. The blog failed to address this aspect of the issue, instead they preferred ranting..
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