Big Bust Takes Club Drugs Off the Street

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    Big Bust Takes Club Drugs Off the Street

    LAS VEGAS -- Drug enforcement agents have seized a large stash of ecstasy before it could hit the streets of Las Vegas. The bust went down Wednesday, just one day before the biggest party night of the year in Las Vegas.

    Federal agents say large amounts of ecstasy and other high-demand club drugs were among the stash of drugs seized in a multi-agency undercover operation.

    The drug bust netted agents nearly 5,000 ecstasy tablets and large amounts of cocaine, marijuana, the potent prescription painkiller hydrocodone and liquid GHB, better known as the date rape drug.

    "They would have ended up on the streets of Las Vegas and in the nightclubs," said Michael Flanagan with the Drug Enforcement Agency.

    According to the DEA, ecstasy goes for about $20 for a single tablet. Agents say this latest bust is one of many recent ecstasy seizures. "Over the last 18 months, we've seized over 25,000 MDMA tablets of ecstasy," said Flanagan. "That's a lot of pills to take off the streets."

    The DEA says two Las Vegas men have been indicted in this investigation. Thirty-four-year-old Scott Vasatis and 31-year old John Pergola have been charged with conspiracy, distribution and possession with the intent to distribute drugs. The defendants face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

    Agents say every big bust puts a dent in the rampant club drug scene in Las Vegas, but they still warn everyone ringing in the New Year at nightclubs around the valley to be extremely careful. "If someone you don't know offers you a drink, I would not drink it. And even the ones you order yourself, be sure to keep your eye on that drink," said Flanagan.

    This latest drug bust was the result of an undercover operation involving several local, state and federal law enforcement agencies working together as part of the grant-funded High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area task force.

    DEC 31, 2009

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