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Big meth seizures in South Auckland

By buseman, Nov 14, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    Counties Manukau police have recovered $800,000 worth of the class A drug methamphetamine and its precursor materials after raids on properties throughout South Auckland this week.

    Detective Inspector Dave Lynch commented on the hauls, saying they made ''one of the best weeks on record for the Counties-Manukau District enforcing the district's methamphetamine control strategy''.

    More than nine people are already facing charges and police are still talking to others.

    Lynch said police searched properties in Papakura, Manurewa, Kaiaua and Maraetai.

    The operations involved staff from around the district as well as a clan lab team, and the Auckland armed offenders squad.

    A Maretai Rd, Maretai house was searched by police today.

    Equipment used in the manufacture of methamphetamine was located as well as other drug paraphernalia and a quantity of cannabis.

    As well three rifles, a pump-action shotgun and a pistol were found.

    Four males aged 18, 23, 38 and 44 are facing drugs and firearms charges in relation to the warrant.

    Yesterday, officers searched a house in East Coast Rd, Kaiaua.

    Thirty grams of methamphetamine was located with a street value of up to $30,000. Also located at the house were precursor substances sufficient to manufacture methamphetamine with a street value of $750,000.

    Lynch said the rented property was occupied by a 39-year-old man and two 30-year-old women.

    All three are facing charges of possession of methamphetamine for supply and possession of precursor substances for the manufacture of methamphetamine.

    Child, Youth and Family have been notified of an 11-year-old child who normally lives at the house, but was not there when police arrived.

    Police searched a Robert Skelton Dr, Manurewa address on Wednesday.

    Precursor chemicals, utensils and equipment used for the manufacture of methamphetamine as well as 26 grams of Contact NT, a precursor drug to methamphetamine, were located.

    Lynch said this amount of Contact NT was enough to make up to 7 grams of methamphetamine - with a street value of up to $7000.

    Police are still to interview a 38-year-old male in relation to items located during the search, he said.

    On Tuesday police searched a property in Mill Rd, Alfriston.

    Officers found metal containers which held chemicals which are extracted during the manufacture of meth.

    Two other chemical ''caches'' containing waste product from the manufacture of methamphetamine were also found.

    A 41-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman - the owners of the property - face charges of possession of equipment for methamphetamine manufacturing with more charges likely to follow.

    Lynch said three children, aged 12, 6 and 4, lived at the address, and have been referred to Child, Youth and Family.

    Lynch said in addition to the searches officers also stopped a vehicle in Ferndown Ave, Papatoetoe on Wednesday.

    A man was in the vehicle with two young children. The man allegedly gave police false details and attempted to drive off. It took four police officers and two members of the public to restrain him.

    Officers found 1.2gms of a white powder believed to be methamphetamine, as well as $10,420 cash, inside his vehicle.

    The 33-year-old man faces charges of possession for supply of methamphetamine, assaults police, supplying false details and driving whilst disqualified.

    The two children have been referred to Child Youth and Family.

    Detective Inspector Lynch said the successful week was brought about by information from concerned members of the public.



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