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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Biggest Cocaine Bust in Alton

    ALTON - Police in Alton seized their biggest load of cocaine tonight; a total of 65lbs that were hidden in the bed a truck.

    The drugs were found after a traffic stop tonight near Moorefield and Mile 5.

    Police say the nervous driver gave himself away and officers knew they had to bring in a dog.

    "A canine from Mission PD was called and he hit on the back of pickup where there was a toolbox," said Enrique Sotelo, Asst. Police Chief.

    CHANNEL 5 NEWS was on the scene as authorities tested the white powder to make sure it indeed was cocaine.

    The drugs, which were in six big packages, were stuffed in plastic bags and into the toolbox.

    The driver and the passenger are in police custody. The passenger is the man's wife. She may not face any charges.

    Police say they don't know yet where the cocaine came from or where the driver was taking it.

    Reported by: Lisa Cortez
    Last Update: 11/19 11:2



    COMMENT: Theres a minute+ tv news clip on the site as well showing the cops cutting open one of the blocks of cocaine and field testing it. (sorry- can't seperate it to upload to the archives)


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