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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Biggest Heroin Bust in NJ History
    NJ heroin among nation's purest

    NEW JERSEY - According to a 1010 Wins report, 75 kilos(165 pounds) of heroin was seized in New Jersey, making it the largest heroin bust in the state's history. More details are to follow in the next week, the report says.

    The New York Times reports that New Jersey street heroin has the highest purity levels in the country at 72 percent. Because the state is home to large ports and a major airport it ia direct entry point for drugs smuggled from South America.

    Federal agents seized 300 pounds of heroin in the state in 2007 - the most recent year for which data was available - compared with 139 pounds in 2006. In 2008, the D.E.A. also found that the rate of heroin use among the states 18- to 25-year-olds was more than twice the national average.



  1. I_8_my yellow crayon
    Wow, thats alot of H. Just to throw a personal experince sttistic type thing out there, when swim ws in rehab, he was at a center that had 86 people from all over the United States, Canad, and about 20-22 from overseas. So these people were from all over the world. There was 13 from the city of new jersey, and 25 from the state of new jersey in total. They were all there for heroin treatment. Swim is from canada, but when he looked through his program book of all the members, he said "wow" there must be alot of dope in new jersey. This rehab center was in canada, and there was more people there from the state of new jersey, than all of canada. Wierd.
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