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Bill O’Reilly’s "Should America Legalize Pot" Poll Backfires Horribly!

  1. hookedonhelping

    Bill O’Reilly’s marijuana poll shows 90 percent of America wanting legal pot

    On Bill O’Reilly’s personal website, visitors can buy tickets to see O’Reilly’s tour, take history quizzes, buy a copy of O’Reilly’s nonfiction work “Killing Jesus” or read articles that reflect the conservative views popularized on O’Reilly’s work on Fox News.

    Or visitors can vote in O’Reilly’s daily polls to “see how folks all around the country responded.”

    On July 28, O’Reilly’s poll took on marijuana legalization: “There is momentum behind the move to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Where do you stand?” There were two possible answers: “It should be legal, like alcohol” and “Dangerous idea with many unintended consequences.”

    When we last checked O’Reilly’s poll on July 30, 90 percent of the 65,000-plus respondents voted pro-legalization, “like alcohol,” with all 50 states voting in unity — not likely the response O’Reilly’s team was hoping for.

    JUL 30, 2014, 4:10 PM
    Ricardo Baca

    As you can see, my idol, papa bear big O'Reilly wasn't expecting such a turn out. That puts him in the 10%.

    BEST Poll Fail ever


  1. abigail48
    no plants should be illegal
  2. Reclaimer
    Bill oreilly should be fucking illegal the guys a complete tool, spits out factual errors on a daily.. COMPLETELY out of tune with the rest of america.. how the hell does he even have a show still..

    Glad to see this blew up in his face sadly tho he wont reconize the results and prolly if he does will play them off as hackers inflating the poll or some bullshit...
  3. ianzombie
    It's changed to 89% - 11% now.
    Obviously the no crowd were slow off the mark, but now that the poll has become more widely know conservative douchebags all over the world can save the day.
  4. mystix36
    Ha Ha. O'reilly is such a pompous ass.
  5. hookedonhelping
  6. Beenthere2Hippie
    He makes my skin crawl. I mean I've tried to be objective and listen to him speak on subjects that don't cause me immediate knee-jerk reactions (like drugs or ridiculous Republican banter), but even when he talks on neutral subjects he makes you want to punch him in the face. And when he stands back up, punch him again.

    He's just such a dick. He never lets anyone else talk as he attempts to shovel his opinions down the guests' throats. He is rude and full of himself and full of bad advice and opinions. I think Bill's children should be given gold medals for having been able to come out of their their growing years ordeal under Bill's roof alive and still somewhat sane. Can you imagine what a monstrous father Bill O'Reilly would be? Especially if you happen to be recreational drug using. sensitive, cutting-edge, off-beat sort of kid? Yikes.
  7. hookedonhelping
    He reminds me of my dad.. which sucks. Because I have to love my dad. He's my dad. But yea.. conservative's are stuck in their ways and had life when it was good, and look down upon us all like we are looking to steal their food.
  8. JackARoe
    O'Reilly is full of himself, and just when you think he may "get it" on whatever topic we'd like him to get it on, he says something stupid and pompous. But I would have loved to see his face when he took the first look at his poll!

    The legalization movement is faster than a speeding locomotive at this point. There is no stopping it.
  9. Phenoxide
    The poll is now 72%-28% in favor with around 5000 fewer votes than in the screenshot in that article.

    Votes go up, votes go down, you can't explain that.
  10. hookedonhelping
    Apparently Bill does have an explanation. I find it funny though because even if Reddit did urge users to vote, they still voted with their hearts and thoughts on the matter as they feel. Who knows if O'Reilly changed the numbers or they are accurate. He caters to conservatist's who want to keep traditional values and antiquated thinking of the elderly in this country.

    How can we evolve as a collective when we try to hold on to these values which have reeked havoc on the lives of so many and have incarcerated so many, essentially ruining a good deal of their life. Time is all we really have in this life. Having it spent in an unproductive miserable manner is a punishment no non-violent person should have to endure.

    Here is Bill O'Reilly's video response. I don't find it very valid.
  11. cra$h
    hahaha, great video. Now that it's not the votes that he wanted the poll's now "polluted". And don't worry billy boy, I'm very weary of those on the net with an....agenda....

    What a douche.
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