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By Alfa · Jan 27, 2005 ·
  1. Alfa

    Red Deer North MLA Mary Anne Jablonski wants to give parents the power to
    ensure their children stay in drug addiction treatment.

    Bill 202 --the Protection of Children Involved with Drugs Act -- will be
    introduced by the second week of March, said Jablonski.

    "It would give parents and provincial authorities the power to place
    children under 18 into a mandatory drug treatment program," she said.

    There is currently no such legislation in Canada or, as far as Jablonski
    knows, the world.

    She said calls for help to her office, often from youth fighting
    addictions, prompted her to introduce the bill.

    "Parents also call me with these horrific stories about their kids," she said.

    Several youth have even asked her if they have to be charged with a crime
    before they can get help, she said.

    The bill would also help protect families, which can often bear the brunt
    of an addict's desperation, she said.

    "There's a point where parents and families start to be destroyed by these
    addictions as well," she said.

    "It can mean the endangerment of the family."

    Jablonski said so far, she has landed total support from the community for
    the proposed legislation.


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