Billy Caldwell cannabis oil plea rejected by Home Office

By TheBigBadWolf · Jun 15, 2018 · ·
  1. TheBigBadWolf
    The Home Office has rejected a County Tyrone mother's plea to legalise cannabis oil for her epileptic son.

    Charlotte Caldwell accused Home Office minister Nick Hurd of having "likely signed my son's death warrant".
    Ms Caldwell brought cannabis oil from Canada for her son Billy, but it was confiscated at Heathrow on Monday.
    In 2017, the 12-year-old became the first person in the UK to be prescribed cannabis oil, but last
    month his GP was told he could no longer do so.

    'Honest conversation'

    Ms Caldwell, from Castlederg, said she was "absolutely devastated" to have the supply confiscated after she declared it to border officials.
    Ms Caldwell later met Mr Hurd at the Home Office to plead with him "parent to parent" to get the oil back.
    "It's Billy's anti-epileptic medication that Nick Hurd has taken away, it's not some sort of joint full of recreational cannabis," she said.
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    "We had an honest and genuine conversation. I have asked him to give Billy back his medicines, but he said no."
    She also warned of the dangers of Billy missing his first dose of cannabis oil in 19 months.
    "The reason they don't do it is that it can cause really bad side-effects - they wean them down slowly," she said.
    "So what Nick Hurd has just done is most likely signed my son's death warrant."

    'Back to Canada'

    A Home Office spokeswoman said it was "sympathetic to the rare situation that Billy and his family are faced with".
    "The policing minister met Ms Caldwell and advised her that despite these extremely difficult circumstances, it is unlawful to possess Schedule 1 drugs such as those seized at the border this morning without a licence," she added.
    "The minister urged the family to explore licensing options with the Department of Health Northern Ireland."

    The science:

    CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two types of cannabinoids found naturally in the resin of the marijuana plant.
    Unlike THC, pure CBD oil is not a psycho-active ingredient associated with the "high" in marijuana.
    However, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is of the opinion that CBD products, used for a medical purpose, are medicines.
    CBD oil has not yet been licensed in the UK as a medicine but can be prescribed by doctors in special circumstances.
    The oil containing the THC chemical is illegal under the misuse of drugs legislation.


    Ms Caldwell says Billy's seizures have dramatically reduced while taking the cannabis oil, and she has vowed to keep fighting.
    "I take the view that I'd rather have my son illegally alive than legally dead," she said.
    "I will just go back to Canada and get more and I will bring it back again because my son has a right to have his anti-epileptic medication in his country, in his own home."
    Billy was first given the treatment in the United States, where medical marijuana is legal.
    He became the first person in the UK to receive a prescription after his local GP, Brendan O'Hare, began writing them.
    The doctor was summoned to a meeting with Home Office officials recently and told to stop.

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    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Aug 29, 2018
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  1. spanky007
    I'm sorry for this situation and this is no judgement call. However, adult parents have an obligation to protect their child's normal mental and physiological development up to their emancipation at 18. No one knows what other effects cannabis oils have on the developing brain or other neurological developments. It's great there are beneficial effects but it'll be 30-40 years down the road research for us to know all the possibilities from such use. To put substances that may interfere with normal brain development is like russian roulette. good luck to you.
    1. Opioidergic
      Are you kidding me the womans child has severe epilepsy that is treatment resistant so instead of being on a CBD based oil that has virtually no side effects you'd rather this boy be on benzodiazepines? Because that is what he's going to receive since they wont allow him to have the oil. Every medication has side effects but the benefits outweigh the risks this child has a rare form of epilepsy and your going to sit here and say they dont know the long term effects of MARIJUANA? Your a tragedy and beyond ignorant
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    2. Opioidergic
      Did you not read the entire article? Or do you think epilepsy is like the common cold it just goes away eventually without pharmacological intervention?
    3. Daniel Ruben
      Are you kidding? Kids get treated with all kinds of drugs like amphetamines for ADHD. They hand them out like lollies. This kid has severe epilepsy and as the article makes clear, his not getting his medication could kill him. He'll probably have to be pumped full of benzos if he can't access his anti-epilepsy meds to stop the side-effects of missing his dose. How is that any better? I don't like to be outraged easily, but this is just outrageous. (Edit: just noticed the date on this, but leaving it up anyway.)
  2. peacefullake
    They have legalised it now here in the UK from November.
  3. youngmane
    Sad reality of some people's complete ignorance to chemicals and what receptors they effect. Hopefully it got situated out, which I bet it did after it made a big story.
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