Bipolar children - is the US overdiagnosing? - New Scientist Article

By Micklemouse · May 17, 2007 · Updated Dec 22, 2007 · ·
  1. Micklemouse
    From the New Scientist

    ...Being a child! This makes me sick. Truly, amazingly, furiously sick. I cannot find words to express quite how sick this makes me.

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  1. Micklemouse
    This from the New Scientist editorial comment

    I just find it so hard to believe that in the 21st Century a nation is medicalising childhood, & treating it with chemicals that are known to cause massive damage in adults, and about which there is little or no knowledge of effects on developing bodies & brains.

    Just sick...
  2. Nagognog2

    Being a child now has been compartmentalized into a psychiatric-syndrome in need of powerful drugs to stop the child's disorder of childhood.

    I know the case in Hull, Mass. well. The parents will end up in prison. The doctor will get away to cause more harm. And the drug companies will reap the rewards.

    If a doctor told me my 5 year old needed treatment because he was psychotic and believed in imaginary people (Santa Claus?), and handed me a prescription to give the kid, I'd break his arms.

    It's not just OFS (Old Fart's Syndrome) that leads me to conclude that each subsequent generation is getting more fucked-up and dumber - it's the drugs being shoved down their throats with ever greater emphasis.
  3. stoneinfocus
    :p the earlier called "way of life", earlier called manic-depression, now called bipolar disorder... is now treated to treat the lack of getting money out of children adn adults with highly addictive drugs in combination with the most unpleasant drugs, that were used to be sold to adults, but now not anymore, cause, somehow these scripts and combimations suck and no adult would take them and pleasure inducing drugs, that were best selling, now forbidden had disappeared, because feeling good and getting good money for it, is not so cool, as giving your money to otherwise obsolete institutes and churches.
  4. stoneinfocus
    Beside all these symptoms might reflect a lack of a vitamine or a short episode of infection with bacetria, virus or bugs or whatsoever and dude, how often do 5 year old children plan and commit suicide... why dont we put this misery to an end and shoot all psychiatr... eeehhrg -children?
  5. enquirewithin
    Prescribing drugs for a condition is obviously easier than looking for the causes, which could be physiological, psychological or social. If a child spends years on anti depressants, they will soon develop disorders if they didn't have any beforehand! And, of course, there is the financial aspect-- drugs companies and doctors making profits.
  6. ~lostgurl~
    Early intervention and treatment offer the best chance for children with emerging bipolar disorder to achieve stability, gain the best possible level of wellness, and grow up to enjoy their gifts and build upon their strengths.

    Studies show that after symptoms first appear, typically there is a 10-year lag until treatment begins. Untreated bipolar disorder has a fatality rate of 18 percent or more (from suicide), equal to or greater than that for many serious physical illnesses. The untreated disorder carries the risk of drug and alcohol addiction, damaged relationships, school failure, and difficulty finding and holding jobs.

    A good treatment plan can include medication, close monitoring of symptoms, education about the illness, counselling or psychotherapy for the individual and family, stress reduction, good nutrition, regular sleep and exercise, and participation in a network of support.

    The risks of not treating bipolar disorder are substantial and must be measured against the unknown risks of using medications whose safety and efficacy have been established in adults, but not yet in children.

    SWIM believes that the most effective tool for treating bipolar in children is for the individual and family to have a sound knowledge and understanding of the disease.

    SWIM has bipolar with the onset occuring in early childhood. SWIM was not diagnosed until she was 26 and she feels her life would have been very different if she had been diagnosed in childhood. She is however happy that she was not medicated for bipolar while still a child, but believes medication in her mid to late teens would have been life changing for SWIM.
  7. stoneinfocus
    I think this medication plan is a fascist paln in rteating something, that in no way can be diagnosed with certenity and thus fucking up many many lifes not to say that it´s in most if not all cases a social problem, which,. again is medicated to death within the "patient".

    One could as well curb the rebels and free-thinkers this way, which are easily identified as the rotten and disturbing and ill-precieved children, whie the ass lickers getting the grades and the jobs, and the power to prescribe lobotomising drugs. Oh, yes, swim is bipolar because he was mobbed and cut his whole life by his fascist sadiostic family of teacxhers and sick as fuck brothers as well as by his friends who were easily influenced by the authorities.

    One should make an end to psychiatry, for good, I really can´t stand it any more for swim´s sake and all the others, ths scum spreading their sadistic, brain-dead bullshit.. bring back the age, and coke to the shops and psychiatry can go quit.
  8. Nacumen
    Overdiagnosing? Who's to say we don't have more lunies over here?
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