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By mopsie · May 23, 2006 ·
  1. mopsie
    We recently had a young teenager pass away from the overdose of a drug called ecstasy. The young female was a mere 13 years of age when her life ended tragically from an overdose from the party drug. With her were two other people. One was a friend and the other, labelled a 'pusher' or 'drug dealer.' Dealing drugs is wrong and should not be accepted in a society, no question about it. But is labeling the young teen that sold the drugs to the teenagers as a drug dealer appropriate?

    As a kid that grew up in the Hudson community, I've seen how the drug process works. This 'pusher' probably had no more than five or six pills on him at any given time, which is considered as small time. But, where did he get those pills? Certainly not the pharmacy.

    It's adults that control the drug industry, not kids. On a small scale, kids are to blame. On a larger scale, it is the adult pushers that feed the teenagers' hunger and boredom. The adult sells the drugs to the teenager( s ) in bulk, than the teenager( s ) sell the drugs to other teenagers. The profit comes back into the hands of the original pusher ( the adult ) and ends up back into the production of these drugs. More money, more supplies, to fuel the drug craze.

    What the young 'pusher' did was wrong and after his court date, justice was partially served, and hopefully he learned a valuable lesson. I am not standing up for the pusher in any way, I just believe that tragic accidents such as these can be avoided. By finding the origin of the drugs and the dealers, they can be eliminated, and prevented from dispersion among the streets.

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