Blast from the Past (first time tweaking)

By Grimace · Oct 6, 2012 · ·
  1. Grimace
    The following is an autobiographical sketch of my first time using crystal methamphetamine in the early 1990's. The names have been changed.

    Taylor reached into his backpack and took out what looked like a small glass test-tube that had a bulb-shaped bottom. He put the open end of the test-tube in his mouth and held a lighter flame to the bulb end, which I could now see had a small hole on the top of it, and white fumes began to flow down the test-tube as he inhaled, and then blew out a cloud of white vapor that had a very faint almost plastic smell.

    He offered me the pipe and I accepted. Holding the pipe I could see that inside of the bulb was a yellowish-white crystalized glaze, and I thought to myself that it was perhaps glue (since I had heard of people getting high off glue). I should explain that I had never done any sort of drug nor had I even been drunk before this day.

    Shane, Taylor, and I all worked graveyard shifts at the same grocery store and after we all clocked-out that Sunday morning Shane asked if I wanted to get high with them (he had asked before and I politely, if somewhat embarrassingly, declined). Since my drug-free lifestyle hadn't prevented me from becoming suicidal and I had already reached the point where I was surely going to off myself someday soon, I figured why not find out what it's like to be high? Anything was better than being by myself with these horrible thoughts another day. So I said "sure, let's go" and we all went to Shane's house.

    Now the three of us sat in his basement" Here, I'll hold the lighter" Shane said, "just breath in when I say." He held the flame under the pipe and moved it in small circular motions, which he explained was to keep it from getting too hot and burning. I watched as the glaze on the bottom of the bowl began to melt into a puddle and fumes started rising up.

    "Hit it," he said and I drew the mist up into my lungs and exhaled a faint vapor cloud. I took several more "hits" until he said "that should be good. How do you feel?"

    "Fine," I said. "I don't feel any different though"

    "You feel awake now don't you?"

    "Yeah," I replied, "but I was awake before." I had no clue what the drug was or the effect it was supposed to have, but I had expected some sort of noticeable change. Hallucinations, lightheadedness... something. But it really felt like zero effect at all. "Maybe I need to do more," I said, since I had noticed the vapor clouds I exhaled were much less thick than Taylor's.

    "No, I don't want my dad to come home with the basement smelling like crystal."

    "He won't smell anything," Taylor said.

    "Dude, you're spun," Shane told him. "He's a cop - he always smells things like that. We gotta go somewhere else."

    "Well my dad is at home," Taylor said.

    "My mom is at home," I told him.

    Shane decided to we should all get in his car and try to find a place where no one else was around so we could hit the pipe some more. He and Taylor sat in the front seat and I was in the back. As we drove around I was talking almost constantly from the backseat. This was extremely unusual for me as I have always been very shy and mostly non-talkative, but I didn't even notice this yet. Every place we went past I would comment or ask about. Every possible subject that popped into my head immediately became something I had to verbalize, and the words seemed to flow so eloquently.

    Shane laughed. "Still think you're not spun?" he asked me.

    "What?" I asked. "I'm just talking." I realized I was talking an awful lot and that I also felt pretty good. But I thought it was just from being able to hang out with people instead of the drug's effect. I still didn't even know what "crystal" was supposed to be and really thought my good feeling was because I was hanging out with friends. Besides, I was pretty sure whatever "dose" I got was pretty tiny and didn't even think it was any kind of "real" drug since I hadn't heard of crystal before. They both insisted I was defintely spun, but I figured they just didn't understand how absolutely rotten and lonely my life was in contrast to hanging out with others. The drug's effect, if any, I thought must be very subtle or perhaps I was immune to it.

    Even when I finally got home sometime that evening and was still not sleepy after being awake and active for nearly 24 hours I did not connect this to the crystal. I didn't even really notice I had been awake so long. But I quickly realized this could be a great way to enjoy time that would otherwise be "lost" to sleep. It was less than a week later before I bought my first "teener" from Taylor.

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  1. beentheredonethatagain
    Super good read... but is that where you round off?
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