blaze kills two, pot grower charged

By psyvision2000 · Nov 25, 2005 · Updated Feb 25, 2006 · ·
  1. psyvision2000
    Blaze kills two firefighters, pot grower charged with murder

    Murder charged in blaze that killed two firefighters
    By DAVID B. CARUSO , The Associated Press

    The man police believe was responsible for the array has been arrested and charged with third-degree murder.

    Fire Capt. John Taylor, 53, and firefighter Rey Rubio, 42, died when they were trapped by quick-moving flames as they worked near the source of the smoky blaze in the home's cellar.

    Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham called suspect Daniel Brough "reckless," "foolish" and "greedy" for his role in the deaths, and said he should have known that the growing array posed a fire hazard.

    "This is unacceptable criminal conduct," she said.

    Brough, 35, faces other charges, including marijuana possession, involuntary manslaughter and causing a catastrophe.

    Fire officials said the blaze apparently started in the electrical circuits set up to run the equipment used to nurture the marijuana plants, and spread more quickly because the hot lights had dried out the wood in the closet.

    Authorities say the firefighters were working in the basement of the row house in the Port Richmond section of the city when they ran into trouble. Taylor triggered a distress button on his radio, but rescuers could not get to them in time.

    The men appear to have died of smoke inhalation, officials said.

    Taylor was a 32-year veteran of the department. He had a wife and two children. Rubio has one child, and is survived by his mother, father and nine siblings. He had been fighting fires for 12 years.

    Both men had been decorated for their service to the city. They were the second and third firefighters to die this year in Philadelphia. Fire Lt. Derrick Harvey, 45, suffered fatal burns fighting a blaze in January.

    Black bunting hung Saturday from the facade of the station house where the men served. The city had proposed shuttering the station earlier this year to save money, but the plan was put on hold.

    Friday's fire in the city's Port Richmond section was reported at 8 p.m. and was under control within an hour. No occupants of the house were harmed.


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  1. Sky Walker
    *Removing Emotionalized posting*
  2. psyvision2000
    lukey anything is possible in the american justice system. Unfortunately since he was commiting a crime, and it cause the death of fire fighters, they mostly likely will charge him with some kinda involuntary manslaughter charge.Sad but true... but then again if he was being straight stupid and putting other people lives at risk by running more than he could handle, just for personal gain, then yes he should be held accountable for someones injury if it occured because of his stupidity.
  3. Sky Walker
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  4. psyvision2000
    whatever! yes i feel if someone is dumb enuogh to put someones life at risk, they should pay the consequences! any yes if your stupid enuogh to kill someone, then yes it is a crime. I think that this person shouldnt shouldnt get fucked in the ass but should diffentely get a wake up call that if he is gonna be taking a big project on, you should do it wisely if you have a chance of killing others than yourself. I have made this mistake before, and in a high rise apartment in downttown san francisco, luckly i put out the fire right away, what happened with me was i put to many watts going thruogh a timer, wich could only handle 15 amps. I could have killed close to a hundred people if the situation was different and i wasnt there, and yes i feel that if i did,I should have payed for it with jail. Because i was to coked up and drunk and stoned to pay attention to what i was doing, and doing so i put others life's at risk cause of my stupidity. I was lucky i smelled the smoke and got the fire on time when it was starting on the point is it doesnt matter if your growing weed dangerously or driving recklessly, if your putting others life at risk knowingly you should pay! as for personal gain there is nothing wrong with personal gain(believe me[​IMG])but again if it is gonna harm people without there consent then FUCK YOU!
  5. thegod1
    I agree with Lukey. This man DIDN'T push the firefighters into the fire, they had the chance to call backup ect...

    Driving a car could be considered "dumb enuogh to put someones life at risk", even if you're a good driver therescould be someone who run in the roadsuddenly.

    The point is, this man didn't mean for any of this to happen, he may of(accidently) caused it, but it was not him who killed the firefighters, it was the fire.He doesn't deserve to be charged.
  6. Sky Walker
    *Removing Emotionalized posting*
  7. sands of time
    It is pretty sick that this country twists the rules around to lock this guy up. There are obvious dangers in growing indoors, but as long as marijuana is illegal, this kind of stuff will happen. Marijuana can be safely grown outdoors, but of course that is illegal.
  8. psyvision2000
    look i dont know what happen here. I am not saying this man deserves jail cause i dont know that facts. What i do believe is that if this guy was dumb enuogh to put 8-1000 wattson a 30 amp circuit and he had neighbors near him thatcould had died becuase it could have happened in the middle of the night and he might not have been there to stop it, and the blaze could have caught there house and there you go, thats were he fucked up, i dont care if he was growing tomatoes he would still wouldbe prosecuted for starting the fire due to stupidity. as for you lukey- to get your panties in a bunch.... we all have our own opinion, just cause mine differsfrom yoursdoesnt mean i think your an idiot, but know that you called me one I DO.
  9. psyvision2000

    The point that is clear, is that this was an ACCIDENT(say it psyvision,AC-CI-DENT,Definition:An unforeseen, unintended, and unexpected event, which occurs suddenly and at a definite place.Don't confuse thatwith(Ac'-ci-dent) An additional mark on a coat of arms, which may be retained or eliminated without altering its essential character.<don't confuse it,thats not what it means) that could have happened to anyone and guess what it does! Fires start every single day, fires caused by electrical equiptment such as computers, houshold appliances and many different shapes and forms of electrical wiring.In America, "annually 40,000 fires are attributed to home electrical wiring".

    yea you fuck, people also dont run about10 microwaves in a house along with 10 t.v's along with 10 computers, along with 10 stereos,wich still wouldnt get close to the watts that some people use blowing up there house with lights, and if they did run all those appliances at once and started a fire, you know what they stillmight be prosecuted for being dumb and reckless.

  10. Explotation

    So you are telling me if I put"8-1000w on a 30 amp circut" and start a fire and two firemen die I am going to jail? I think not sir. It's plain and simple, he was growing weed and thats why they are prosecuting him.Edited by: Explotation
  11. psyvision2000
    well thats your opinion, i dont think its was his fault the ff died, i think your are correct explotation, i dont think they will prosecute him for the deaths, but like i said i dont know the facts on the case,so i dont wanna comment further and get misunderstood. I do believe being that he was in the usa, that they come up with anything they can to get a charge, so its an unfortunate situation.
  12. Sky Walker
    *Removing Emotionalized posting*
  13. psyvision2000

    untangle your panties hoe! if you understand the english language you would have understood what i was talking about fool.
  14. psyvision2000
    also were did i say in any of my post that i blamed this man for the deaths of the ff? what i did say was that if he put other peoples lifes at risk, because of stupidity ,then yes he needs to pay in some way. I agree with thegod1 , just cause he might have been reckless in his project(and that i dont know if he was) doesnt mean he forced the ff in there, or they could have waited for more backup.

    as for you lukey, this is a open forum, we all have different opinions, just cause mine differ from yours doesnt mean you should insult me. Since you choose to, i will react in a little childish way(like you) and bitch back.So learn to respect others views, if your gonna keep posting in an open forum, open to any kinda comment(within our forums guidelines)
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