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  1. SuicidalSoldier
    @ savingJenniB : age is a state of mind. *wink* *hint* *wink* hehe

    ill add more photos once i get our cameras working with the comp. my phone takes shit pics(vodafone 716) and ive broke my mmc>usb card(one of the gold strips broke off, cheap ebay shit)
    but uhhh yeah...swim got a few 30mg DHC on top of the 14 DHC Continus M/R (modified release, in other words, chew) cept all the continus are gone, but he got another 40 5mg diazepam(yellows) half of which are gone lol. but the doc seems to think that 2x5mg 5x/day [50mg/day] is enuff for him. he disagrees but if he were on two 120mg DHC continus a day too he'd be able to stay away from smack. he swears that after he chewed up 3x 120mg tabs (the slow release once, hence thev chewing) and swallowed 2x 120mg slow release form(no chewing) and he swears it was stronger than IV'ng the strongest heroin he's ever had and he didnt sleep at all just "nodded" all night rolling joints over the space of two hours and watching freeview. then the next day he was sick as a dog. didnt spew because of heavy intake of water and domperidone(he gets 90 a fortnight on prescription courtesy of the NHS)
    and im sure you folks who aren't narcs can tell by the way hes having me type that SWIM is pretty high, got himself a G of medium quality brown.
    shouldv posted this in a blog.... in fact i freakin am gonna!

    -- i think i just did. i posted this in my profiler visitor chat and SWIM is fucked up (read above) and forced me to 'cheat' a blog entry with it :cool:
    going to Glasgow tomorrow. hopefully will go well.:thumbsup:
    only creative part of this blog for the point of the blog is the title. one word. and I CLAIM FULL CREDIT FOR IT & ITS MEANING!!!!

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