Blind And Freakin' Crazy!

By Mick Mouse · Aug 29, 2013 · ·
  1. Mick Mouse
    This really sucks! I am practically blind at any and all reading distances, and I can barely read or see unless I am right on top of the screen. I can still shoot the eye out of a potato at 100 yards and open sights, or at any distance with a scope, but I have to be literally right on top of things in order to see/type this, and it causes extreme eye strain, headache, severe back pain, and I just cannot do it any longer.

    Any ideas, people who actually read this? I was thinking about a voice recognition/typing program like Dragon, but I have not heard much about them other than they exist. Any info would certainly be useful!

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  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    Gadz! Old age is creeping in on us all. I just went for my first pair of full-time eyeglasses about a month ago for just the same reason you seem to be talking about eye problems. I'm assuming you've already had a full eye exam done?

    If so, Dragon is marvelous. I don't personally use it but lots of people swear by it. There is a slight learning curve (more for the software's sake than your own) but once that short adaption period is over, you and Dragon should be quite comfortable in each other's presence.
  2. DazedforDays
    Since you thought more of describing your ability to shoot potatoes than your actual vision issues ill bite....any issues with your eyes besides the obvious far sightedness? Do you have cataracts or glaucoma? What about nerve damage? Are you talking about you vision with or without correction? My mom has had optic nueritis (damages the optic nerve) since she was 23 and it causes her issues. You wouldn't know it by looking at her prescription because it is nothing compared to my -8.00 in each eye, but her vision comes and goes. In the heat her vision geys blurry and if she's out too long she runs the risk of the bluriness progressing to temporary blindness that only comes back once she cools off. Staying cool in the summer is impossible when the temp is above 100 degrees so age for a out early ifshe needa to Di something or late in the evening otherwise she's inside where its cool. I too have wonderful vision but am nearsighted with astigmatism and extreme color blindness. How old are you? Farsightedness is much more common in the older you get though I am not surevwhy. Have you been to an optometrist or opthamologist for an exam and get their opinion....Im quite certain they would give you a better explanation and course of action than some random users on a message forum unless we have an eye doctor in the house.
  3. Mick Mouse
    glaucoma and actual damage to the optic systems from repeated concussions (US army, SpecOps for over 10 years). I can see, but I cannot focus, if that makes sense. For instance, I am sitting about arms length away from my screen, and I have no idea of what I am typing is correct until I get within literally inches of the screen, at which point I can make out what it is I just wrote. or I can stand across the room and read it just fine. Eye docs say they can fix one or the other, but not both, unless I have one eye fixed for distance and one for nearness, which has been done for others in the past with mixed results.
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