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By cyndi · Sep 22, 2009 ·
  1. cyndi
    Swim didn't regret the last blog, just felt it was too personal. Swim is learning life is about choices, choose to do bad and don't whine when there are consequences. Know consequences are a part of any poor decision. She feels she is stuck in the negative and needs to gain more positivity. Death isn't something swim is comfortable with. She is dealing with it daily. Consequence, no a life situation. Life seems to throw us curveballs all the time. Supposed to make us stronger right? Swim can whine and cry about all that ails her, but what is the point? Will it make it better or worse? Swim is supposed to be strong, don't cry was what she was told growing up, it is a sign of weakness. Maybe swim needs to just toughen up? Get over her child dying, no that won't happen. When he died, a part of her died too and that won't change. Anyone reading this, thanks for hearing me out.

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