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By cyndi · Sep 22, 2009 · ·
  1. cyndi
    Looking to the positives, family and friends that love me. Natures beauty that is all around you, the ocean, trees, beautiful flowers. The birth of a new baby, a marvel of life. One so innocent and not tainted by the harsh world. My pets who always bring me joy except my stupid German Shepard. Long story. The friends I made at df. Many people here have lots of issues but are willing to listen to yours and care. For that I say thanks :vibes:

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  1. Swimster
    I personally take what "life" gives me. I'd rather loose a few hundred dollars then to pass away. That one negative thing that dooms us all makes people like me say "wow, i love dropping money" because atleast it happend to me. lol. Root canals happen on there own, btw.

    What do you think about my reply?
  2. thebige
    I saw Clash of the Titans at a drive-in when it came out always liked that movie........
    Good and bad times come and go .....Hang in there!
  3. Potter
    Someone's showing their age!

    That must have been pretty incredible.
  4. cyndi
    Yeah you have to deal with the pitfalls of life for sure. Root canals now that is a painful subject.
  5. cyndi
    OH hanging, yes, you do have to take the bad with the good. Bad experiences help us grow right? Again life has its ups and downs and the tendency is to focus on the negative.
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