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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) has confiscated 250,000 ecstasy pills during a raid on a home in Sentul, Bogor, West Java. “These are quality pills, but we must test them first in a lab,” said director Brig. Gen. Benny Mamoto yesterday.

    A major distributor, Suradi Halim alias Beong, 49, was arrested during the raid.

    “He hid the pills in a cake mixer in the garage,” said Benny. The pills were smuggled through Batam and transported to Jakarta through Tanjung Priok Port before they were delivered to Sentul. “They were smuggled from the Netherlands using an expedition company,” said Suradi.

    The syndicate was disclosed when the police caught three suspects; U, M, and S, who picked up the package at the port. The police also seized one Honda Accord with plate number B-1999-MO and a cake mixer. “This is not a factory, only a distribution site,” said Benny.

    Drug sellers, said Benny, normally choose to live quiet neighborhoods to avoid suspicion.

    Suradi had only lived in Sentul for three days but did not report to the neighborhood chief.

    BNN has uncovered six drug distribution cases controlled from prison during the past seven months. Four cases occurred at Nusakambangan Penitentiary while the rest were controlled from Salemba and Cipinang Prisons. The most recent case involving an international drug syndicate controlled from Cipinang Prison was uncovered last Thursday. BNN arrested six suspects including one Nigerian national and seized 103 grams of heroin.

    BNN spokesman Sumirat Dwiyanto said the agency had confiscated 5 kilograms of crystal meth and heroin, over 2,000 ecstasy and Happy Five pills and Rp2 billion in cash in relation to the six cases. “This was not in collaboration with the police,” he said yesterday.

    Monday, 18 July, 2011



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