Bodybuilder injects oil and alcohol into muscles to make them bigger

By Basoodler · Mar 12, 2014 · ·
  1. Basoodler
    Real-life Popeye’s huge arms from oil injections

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    Arlindo de Souza may like the real life Popeye on the outside, but his biceps tell a different story.

    The 43-year-old Brazilian man has 29-inch biceps that were not grown from being a gym rat, but from potentially lethal injections of mineral oil and alcohol. The concoction allows de Souza to look like Popeye the Sailor, but he has no added strength.

    Member of the bodybuilding world fear the injections could lead to infections that can result in amputations or death. De Souza says he became addicted to taking the injections, which can be bought online or under-the-counter at rogue pharmacies.

    “Each time I took it I wanted more. For me there wasn’t a limit,” De Souza told Barcroft TV.

    De Souza says he stopped injecting himself after a friend died from doing the same thing.

    "My friend Paulinho, he passed away from doing these things. I felt his death a lot,” De Souza said. “I’ve stopped taking it, and other things as well, but there is always that will to start again. But I'm managing to control myself, to this day."

    Nicknamed “The Mountain” in his hometown Olinda, Brazil, de Souza used to inject himself with the mineral oil three times a week for two months.

    “The guy gave it to me. He said, 'take this, it will make you grow in days'," he said. "I loaded the syringe, put it in my arm, injected it and it swelled me up right there and then. To tell you the truth, I didn't feel a thing. There was sometimes a bit of dizziness but nothing apart from that.”

    De Souza isn’t the only bodybuilder known to inject synthetic material into his arms to bulk up. A 2012 study revealed that intramuscular oil injections can lead to long-term, irreversible damage including muscle degeneration and chronic pain. Doctors have also attributed the injections to causing abscesses that can result in amputations.

    The concoction, sometimes known as Synthol, was invented in the mid 1990’s by a German bodybuilder named Chris Clark. The thick oil is injected into the “belly” of a muscle to pump it up usually to even out minor asymmetries in muscle size and shape. But for bodybuilders like de Souza inject large quantities into their arms colloquially known as “fluffing.”

    "It makes the muscle appear larger, but it actually weakens it," Dr. Mauro DiPasquale, a former bodybuilder and physician in Ontario, Canada, told ABC News.

    De Souza says if he becomes seriously ill, he will seek medical attention.

    "If I get ill, if my arms burst, that's when I can go and see the doctor. But for me that's normal and something I've accepted," he said.

    By Zoe Mintz
    on March 11 2014 10:34 AM

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  1. Rob Cypher
    [IMGR="white"][/IMGR] Bodybuilders in Brazil are risking death by injecting themselves with a potentially lethal cocktail of oil and alcohol to pump up their muscles.

    Arlindo de Souza has grown 29in biceps - the biggest in Brazil - after injecting the filler into his body, where it causes appearance of swollen muscles.

    But even he admits it can cause dangerous infections. Some users have had their arms amputated. Others have died.

    The Arnold Schwarzenegger fan, nicknamed 'The Mountain' in his hometown, had already been taking a cocktail of steroids, hormones and horse vitamins to bulk up.

    Then a gym buddy offered him a 'site enhancement oil' to help pull ahead of his rivals.

    'The guy gave it to me. He said, "Take this, it will make you grow in days",' said Mr de Souza, who is single and lives with his elderly mother, Josefa Gomes de Souza, in Olinda on the coast of Brazil's Pernambuco state. 'I loaded the syringe, put it in my arm, injected it and it swelled me up right there and then. To tell you the truth, I didn't feel a thing. There was sometimes a bit of dizziness but nothing apart from that. I was working out the same so my strength stayed the same - nothing changed. Most people who take it do not know how to apply it. They will use just any old blood vessel. Some will end up loosing an arm, another needs an operation, some may even lose their lives."

    Mr de Souza has fears for his own health and has visited a clinic for help. But medics have so far refused to operate because 'he did it to himself'.

    Mr de Souza said: 'If I get ill, if my arms burst, that's when I can go and see the doctor. But for me that's normal and something I've accepted.'

    Since he began injecting two years ago, he has become the talk of the town, to the horror of his family.

    His sister Marineide Gomes de Souza said the family were 'extremely worried' about him but still hoped he would settle down and have a family. 'He is a good person, not a bad person. He is really friendly and does lots of favours for people,' she said. 'But there are some people who make fun of him. There are some people who find it interesting. And there are some people who think he is from another planet.'

    But his brother Adriano Josi Jordco de Souza, 56, said the beefcake look is not without its advantages, especially so in its appeal to women. 'The women around here and in other places admire him. They think he looks nice,' he said.

    The oil concoction Mr de Souza injected is believed to contain mostly mineral oil, which is similar to baby oil but unscented, and smaller amounts of alcohol and anaesthetic.

    Worryingly, he has said it can easily be bought online or under-the-counter at rogue pharmacies. And, though he has stopped using and warns others to stay away from it, he says it is continuing to sweep across body-conscious Brazil and South America. 'To get a body like mine, it is very difficult if you are not taking anything. Some people take it but won't admit it,' he said. 'Have you ever seen a guy as big as me claiming it is natural? He is lying, I tell you. At least I tell the truth. It stopped for a bit because it was becoming too visible. But they are still using it, only they are using it undercover.'

    Damien Gayle
    Daily Mail
    March 11, 2014
  2. Alien Sex Fiend
    how do you get a man interested in a ball of fat? Slap a nipple on it! This guy needs two extra nipples
  3. Holdemnutz
    I never had any interest in this sport I guess you call it, they look more freakish than anything else and the women, sheesh.
    I had to play Popeye the sailor man, I had to, I couldn't resist...
  4. dr ACE
    wow that guys arm just look so silly!. Why would you wan to look like that? vanity to the extreme i guess what else
  5. Potter
    There are some really terrible images and videos of Synthol abuse. A documentary by the name of The Man Whose Arms Exploded should be more then enough to make you happy with you puny stick-like body forever.
  6. BitterSweet
    That is not attractive. I've never been attracted to guys with overly big muscles and veins popping out, like guys in body building competitions. I just don't think it's natural, and I don't think the human body should "exist" like that. At that point, it's not about health or physical fitness but about beating out the competition and being recognized for something. I like how he says:

    "Have you ever seen a guy as big as me claiming it is natural? He is lying, I tell you".

    That's exactly it; it's NOT natural. If it can't be done naturally, then I don't imagine anything good comes of pushing your body into a state that it is not designed to be in. That's what I mean when I say the line is crossed from being physically healthy and strong, and becomes about something that is actually dangerous. That's ludicrous, that some guys will risk losing a limb just to make it look as big as possible? It doesn't even sound like you become stronger, you just look stronger. I think if these people did competitions, it would be easy to identify who is injecting this stuff (like this guy says, this isn't the result of something natural to the body), and would not be allowed to compete in competitions. It's like a type of performance enhancing drug, in a subjective sense. What counts as performance is subjective when you are doing things like that.
  7. Potter
    I would assume that anyone getting into this sort of activity has the same level of body dysmorphia as an anorexic. They aren't doing this the "be attractive" rather reach some sort of delusional "ideal shape". By the time you get that big, the steroids have already killed your sex life.
  8. kcha95
    Gee.. You can tell they're fake, look at the size of his forearms in comparison! I don't understand the appeal.. I'd hate to live like that, it seems near impossible. I mean, how does this guy scratch the top of his head? Am I missing something?
  9. Trying Again
    Yuk. So dangerous and they look ridiculous!
  10. MallorcaRocks
    Re: Real-life Popeye’s huge arms from oil injections

    Looks ridiculous.
  11. Rob Cypher
    It doesn't seem worth it to me because despite the increased size your strength doesn't increase as well - but as Potter said this is probably more of a body dysmorphia issue at that point. I have to wonder what the long-term health effects of doing crap like this are like as well; I think this route of 'bodybuilding' has only been publicly known for a decade or so; not long enough to establish what would happen to someone who does this for 20-30 years straight (which some people will probably do, sad to say).
  12. maydaymayday
    So does the addiction come from looking in the mirror & liking what he see's and wanting more??? it addicting b/c of the reaction he gets from other's?

    Can only imagine where else in thr body these injections are being used for added size???

    Wish we could all learn to love ourselves and cherish each other 'as is'.

    H'mmm...that is the Drug to create!

    Perhaps being 'well loved' in infancy & childhood will get someone 70% there?
    IDk as that was not my reality?

    Wish we in the world were doing a better job w/ self esteem.

  13. Großschmackhaft
    Bear in mind that we're on drugs-forum here, so i imagine many people here don't have a problem with doing that ;)
  14. Trying Again
    Lol, very true. And while my original comment was one of disdain, I actually feel bad for that now because I know what it's like to have body image addictions and addictions to all kinds of things others would view as ridiculous. So I understand that this can be an addiction just like any other.
  15. Phenifckd
    Addiction??? Maybe an obsession, and a really retarded one. It looks like an abscess.

    It seems like the 'male version' of females with fake asses and tits
  16. Ghetto_Chem
    This and steroids... I just have no respect for. I look at athletic activities as a means to stay healthy, this goes against that in every way. Not only is it risky to your health, but the fact that it adds no strength has me wondering why.. Whats the point of looking huge when a skinny twig could kick your ass?

    I guess I've always associated strength with a persons ability to fight though so my views may be a bit off. I workout so that I can defend, or stand up, for myself if/when the time comes. To me, that gym rat that takes roids everyday (or this) just to get as big as possible is probably a guy that can't fight for shit and has probably got his ass kicked a few times in the past. These are the guys that think they own the gym because they can't fit through the door, but when you can't stretch far enough to touch your own back your going to kick like a turtle when someone drops you.

    I'm sure this guy wasn't thinking like I do and how it would effect his fighting ability, probably thought all the women would love it but I'm sure didn't work as well as he thought.

  17. Großschmackhaft
    There are many views on what strength is. Arnold Schwarzenegger, arguably the most famous bodybuilder of our time, said that strength does not come from winning and that it is your struggles that develop our strengths. That strength is our ability to face hardships without surrendering.

    So it basically boils down to: No pain, no gain.
    This guy wanted gain without pain, but pain is what he'll get sooner or later. I shudder to think of the flaps of loose skin that will be hanging down his upper arms in a while. He'll be called the human pterodactyl instead of real life popeye...
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