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Bolivia police bust 5 cocaine labs, 1 officer shot

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Bolivia police bust 5 cocaine labs, 1 officer shot

    LA PAZ, Bolivia — Bolivian police say they have busted five cocaine labs and arrested two people in a remote Indian village after a confrontation in which an officer was shot.

    Maj. Alex Alfaro says Indians in Qaqachaca village held police at bay with dynamite blasts, allowing some to escape, and one officer was wounded in the leg by gunfire.

    Alfaro said Tuesday that police confiscated two Mauser rifles and destroyed coca leaves and chemicals used to process cocaine.

    The chief of anti-drug police in southwestern Oruro state said families in poor, highland villages process the coca leaf into cocaine paste and sell it to traffickers on the Brazilian border.

    The bust took place Nov. 19.

    The Associated Press



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