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  1. PillMan
    Bond Set for 7 Drug Sweep Suspects

    District Judge Ken Harper, Thursday, set bond for the 7 suspects arrested during this week’s drug sweep, conducted by the DTF, MPD, and DCSO.

    Michael (Simmons) Thomas, Jeremy Rouse, Fred Cotton, Dwight Freeman, Quincy Fisher, and Randy King had bond set at $2,500 each.

    Jeremiah “Shotgun” Jones, currently on suspended sentence for earlier drug charges, has a bond of $10,000.

    An officer present in the hearing reported that all “drug buys” represented there were in the $40-$60 range.

    May 15, 2012

    According to Lt. Jason Akers of the 10th Drug Task Force, law enforcement officers from the Drug Task Force, Drew County Sheriff’s Department and Monticello Police Department arrested 7 local residents in Monticello and Drew County, Wednesday as a lengthy drug investigation comes to a close.

    The investigation, conducted Task Force investigators, was funded by the Drew County Sheriff’s Department and Monticello Police Departments. According to Akers, targets of the investigation were developed through information from Monticello Police and the Drew County Sheriff’s Department.

    Arrests included:
    Jeremiah “Shotgun” Jones,
    Jeremy Rouse
    Fred Cotton
    Dwight Freeman
    Quincy Fisher
    Randy King

    All are charged with delivery of cocaine, except for Rouse, who is charged with selling prescription narcotics.

    Akers stated, “We were not after street corner drug dealers in this investigation. One of the deliveries occurred in close proximity to a day care and another occurred a few feet from a local church. We targeted specific individuals based on accurate and reliable drug intelligence.

    These arrests are the first of a series to be conducted throughout Southeast Arkansas over the course of the next month. The next focus will be the Delta region of the district.

    “We greatly appreciate the Drew County Sheriff’s Department and Monticello Police Department for providing the logistical help to make this investigation possible.” said Akers.



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