Bongathon 2004!

By []D[][]v[][]D · Jan 31, 2004 · ·
  1. []D[][]v[][]D
    Hello there people!

    In response to the recent media frenzy concerning the death of Lee John Maisey, i am trying to organise the first ever Bongathon! The idea is that we go to the offices of the people who peddle these lies, and smoke ourselves silly :)

    Perhaps when there are hundreds of people stood outside the building smoking and living it will be a little harder to lie like that. I have allready contacted Uk420, Overgrow,the UKCIA, UKCultivator,Weedtalk, CCNEWZ, the CLCIA as well as the LCA.

    The date is planned for around april 20th (4-20) but i understand that there may be another meet allready planned for that day. I am open to and would greatly appreciate any advice, suggestion or help! Those leaflets wont hand themselves out :)

    Many thanks

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  1. []D[][]v[][]D
    Ok all, we have a date! :) april 20th (or 4-20 ;)), the place will be:

    The Daily Mail,

    Northcliffe House,

    2 Derry Street,

    London W8 5TT

    Here is a map of the area, exit "High Street Kensington" tube, turn right onto Kensington High st, 1st right is Derry St, not a large street (thanks shug of uk420).

    There is an ariel picture of the area, derry street is highlighted, my thanks to Doobie who also had the idea of giving out free seeds with the leaflets (as long as they provided ID to show that they were over 17) . If you can confirm (for defo!) that you will be there or if would like to hand out leaflets, donate seeds or be involved in any way plz e-mail [email protected].

    This should be a really fun event so lets try and get as many people as we can to enjoy it!
  2. []D[][]v[][]D
    Does nobody even readthis board?:(

    If the legalisation of cannabis is important to you, you should join in the bongathon, check out the links! We are now runing 3 venues in edingbrough , London and leeds/stockport.

    Please lend your support,

  3. BA
    I read them, but that would be a very long drive for me.

    I know this is important, I'd be there but it's not possible for me.

  4. []D[][]v[][]D
    Thats ok mate, I understand the long distance thing. As long as you are there in spirit :)

    Thanks for replying, thought i was talking to myself for a while there :)
  5. str8ballin
    I will be going to something similar called the Hash Bash 2004.And best of all,it's only an hour away! Good luck though with the event and let us know how it goes.

  6. []D[][]v[][]D
    Cheers freeayo, Hash Bash 2004 sounds great if u r in america and dont have to cope with all this soap <img border="0" src= "smileys/smiley11.gif">.

    Good luck at the HB <img border="0" src= "smileys/smiley16.gif">
  7. []D[][]v[][]D
    <DIV>Well, I have spent a long time meeting with other protesters, the police and thinking about the whole situation.

    The police said they are more than happy for us to have protest but..... even though i wouldnt have thought that a protest should have any particualr form it appears the gov do. Music isnt allowed at protests, although the same day i met the police i saw a protest on tv where they have a school band playing.

    The police said that there will be no leniancy on the cannabis front, in fact mentioning it to them gave them the grounds of suspicion they need to search people so If we go ahead it will have to be a no weed afair.

    They will put up barriers, cordon of part of the street and provide officers to help police the event. He said that we wont be allowed to leave the barricaded area across the road from the daily mail.

    My concerns are:

    * That people may read what the posters and come and smoke anyway.
    * That the police WILL arest those people.
    * Support for the idea of a protest without people being able to smoke there.
    * Protest have to fit a prescise format, this format isnt what I had in mind.
    * The time isnt right. Echod not just by vlad and others ere at 420, but from some of the other cannabis legalistation camaginers i spoke to. (others disagreed)
    * That it is too late to change many of the ideals behind the bongathon and let everyone know.

    For these reasons, I have decided to cancel the protest. I am going to attend glastonbury this year, and hand out the seed donations i have been sent along with leaflets advertising 420 and other grow sites. It will also ask people to write to their mps.

    This has been a great learning experience for me, and i certainly intend to arrange other protests now that i have a better of understanding of what i am doing.

    Thanks for all the advice help guys,

  8. Alfa
    What they are trying to do is scare you off. You are the last thing they need: they want cannabis banned again, not further legalised. If you go on, make sure that you have enough people in a crowd, otherwise they will close you down. When there are enough people, only then turn on the music or start walking. Get camera's there. Contact all the media. Their presencewill protect you and bring attention to your point of view.
  9. bubaloo
    sounds like a session
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