Bonnaroo bound 'shrooms busted

By chillinwill · Jun 11, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Murfreesboro Police recovered more than 35 pounds of hallucinogenic mushroom chocolate bars and a felony amount of marijuana Wednesday evening that would have otherwise been heading to the Bonnaroo music festival today.

    “Mushrooms are similar to LSD in the fact that they cause people to hallucinate, and like LSD a person can die the first time they use these poisonous mushrooms, especially in the condition that they were in here,” said Murfreesboro Police spokesman Kyle Evans. “Being baked into chocolate makes it a lot easier to consume more than is needed for the high in a short amount of time and can lead to overdose.”

    The arrests of Charles Culver, 22, James Segars, 20, and Edgar Chamu, 23, came just hours before the festival was set to begin. The men, who were baking the mushrooms into chocolate peanut butter cups at their 303 W. Kingwood Drive home, admitted to police they planned to take the items to the weekend festival in Manchester.

    “The bust was not far from two city schools and several churches, and was located in a typically quiet neighborhood,” Evans said. “The fact that these are former college students living in a typical neighborhood goes to show that drugs can be found anywhere at anytime. If anyone suspects drugs are being sold or produced don’t hesitate to call law enforcement and bring it to our attention. “

    The arrests were made on the heels of a lengthy investigation by the Murfreesboro Police Department Vice Unit, according to police. Detectives Jeff Baskette and Merrill Beene lead the investigation.

    “Drugs of an unknown type, a felony amount of marijuana and several thousands of dollars in cash and several guns were also recovered from the home,” said Evans, who commended the detectives’ work.

    “The detectives in the vice unit as a whole should be proud of this investigation,” he said. “There’s no telling how many lives they may have saved by keeping these drugs off the streets.

    The mushrooms recovered from the home were not grown there, according to police. The street value of each individual chocolate cup was estimated by police to be $20.

    A popular illicit drug Web site indicates that most mushrooms are sold for $20 per 3.5 gram baggy.

    The active ingredient in hallucinogenic mushrooms produce a variety of symptoms in the drug user, including euphoria, giggling, creative thinking, sensation of insight, intense feelings of wonder, intense emotional sensitivity, time perception alteration, change in consciousness, closed-eye visuals, intense feelings of fear, anxiety and confusion.

    June 11, 2009

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  1. Pumpkin
    That sux. Im sure Bonnaroo was stil flooded with drugs. And i havent really heard of a mushroom overdose either...
  2. Ilsa
    bonnaroo will be fine without it, btu it does suck that the cops here demonize it to that extent: "no tellign how many lives were saved by this bust" gimme a fucking break!!
  3. SullyGuy
    Pisses SWIM off :mad:

    He dosn't mind anti-drug articles... except when they start blatantly lying.
  4. Alicia In Wonderland
    Are these people serious, do they know anything about mushrooms/LSD? Obviously not.
    In fact, the article even talks about what it's effects include, and it doesn't mention anything remotely close to death.
  5. chillinwill
    Silly Things Cops Say: DNJ Article Quotes 'Boro PD Spokesman Claiming Psychedelic Mushrooms Kill
    File this one under "Idiot police spokesmen making ignorant comments to make busts of innocuous psychedelic drugs sound grandiose and dangerous."

    Thirty-five pounds of magic mushrooms were on their way up to the 'Roo when the Murfreesboro "Buzzkill" PD intercepted them. Hilariously, the psilocybin mushrooms had been baked inside chocolate cupcakes, rendering the normally foul-tasting fungus a delicious baked treat.

    But here's where it gets even funnier. To wit: "Mushrooms are similar to LSD in the fact that they cause people to hallucinate, and like LSD a person can die the first time they use these poisonous mushrooms, especially in the condition they were in here," Murfreesboro police spokesman Kyle Evans told the DNJ. "Being baked into chocolate makes it a lot easier to consume more than is needed for the high in a short amount of time and can lead to an overdose."

    Who's checking these facts? Well, Pith will. Let's explore:

    Fact: The active ingredient in mushrooms, psilocybin, is 100 times less potent than LSD.
    Fact: According to there has been only one recorded death in medical literature from psychedelic 'shrooms in the last 34 years, and that was probably caused by a latent heart defect. There is no known lethal dose.
    Fact: They've been used as medicine and in ceremonial/spiritual rituals for thousands of years.
    Fact: The only real risk is that some moron will wander out into a field, pick and ingest mushrooms that are actually poisonous.

    There. I hope I've satisfactorily proven that the claims made by the 'Boro PD are complete bullshit.

    By Brantley Hargrove
    June 12, 2009
    Nashville Scene
  6. Pumpkin
    Quite hilarious propaganda indeed... The only way anyone is gona die from these things is if they eat moldy ones (and theyd prolly still hafta eat a shit ton of em) or if they do sumpin crazy like jump out a window thinking they can fly!... ahh cops... so convincing...
    i guess if for some reason those mushies arent psilocybes that could be fatal as well... but highly unlikely...

    Pumpkin added 4 Minutes and 34 Seconds later...

    Also, 35 pounds of chocolates... wonder how much of it was actual mushrooms... sux they gona get charged by the weight too
  7. Kratom23
    Utter propaganda! Real bummer for the dudes..what will they be looking at?
  8. Greenport
    The news likes to say that these mushrooms are poisonous. In fact, their toxicity is lower than some of the common edible mushrooms (and some are tastier to boot.) Psilocin and psilocybn both have high LD50s and are among some of the safest compounds in the world physically - quite like THC if ya think about it. Granted people can harm themselves while intoxicated on psiloc(yb)in but most do not.

    What they are confusing, purposely, is that there are mushrooms which to the novice hunter can look similar to hallucinogenic mushrooms which contain toxins that can easily kill a human. Amatoxins are produced in fungal bodies of various genera including amanita and galerina and some of these look somewhat similar to those of the psilocybe genus, and are extremely toxic to the liver and kidneys. One mistake can be fatal.

    This does not mean that psilocybe mushrooms are toxic though! And for that reason, the news story is propaganduous.
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