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By Benga · Feb 16, 2009 ·
  1. Benga
    this is not a blog entry, just a way to bookmark posts i'd like to have accessible
    the list will be expanded

    Coming compounds ban in Japan

    new compounds added to the Japanese restricted chemical list, after 22nd November '09

    list of common RC's used in legal highs and a historical note on the evolution leading to RC's in headshops

    for a change in headshop / legal high vendor practices after the ivory wave incident

    secret ingredients in legal highs

    mescal and mescaline cacti 2

    3 suggestions for forum functions


    mephedrone side effect list

    drug slang rant

    drugs in France


    LSD history

    do not self incriminate legal for you

    cocaine and betablockers

    absinthe and the thujone myth

    mescal beans, mescaline and mezcal

    call for a more coherent blanket self incrim. policy (staff)

    S.A.D. lamps as indoor grow lights

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