Boom - Crackalacka

By nEone · Jul 22, 2008 · ·
  1. nEone
    SWIM owns a crack-pipe. That's gotta be some sort of flag, no?

    But it's not for crack. Honest.

    SWIM's pretty much off of tripping. Because really - who has the time?

    Acid and Shrooms used to be bi-weekly events - but SWIM genuinely can't think of many worse things than spending 7-15 hours in hyperspace....particularly with acid and that chemical-yawn.

    Shrooms are shorter and more mellow and yet they're still the kind of overwhelming experience that SWIM needs time to recover from....and SWIM just doesn't have that kind of time any more. He misses the swirling visuals...the carefree loose-association...the epiphanies and the ah-ha! moments that are gone almost as soon as they're fully formed.

    SWIM has migrated to different drugs....more mellow, more geared towards taking a break from the pace of it all. Kratom has been the newest...but wine and whiskey have been hard to beat.'s with a kind of strange astonishment that SWIM has recently explored the gateway of the mother of all trips...DMT.

    He hasn't "broken through" - for one, because he quit smoking a few years ago and the DMT vapor is pretty tough to inhale. For another - SWIM never smoked anything out of a base-pipe...and the method is still a little unclear. He's not sure he WANTS to break through. The 10 minute gravity-twisting sparkles are pretty great in terms of what SWIM can fit into his life.

    SWIM wonders how bad this shit is for his lungs and regrets that the time-frame of oral assay is so vastly extended. There's no such thing as a 10 minute Ayahuasca trip.

    Ah well.

    SWIM really is astonished by the wide variety of options that make themselves available.

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  1. savingJenniB
    My Aunt's advice ~
    Throw pipe away.
    Go back to the shrooms!
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