Booze as bad as LSD and Ecstasy

By Terrapinzflyer · Dec 19, 2009 · ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Booze as bad as LSD and Ecstasy

    Here's a sobering thought for the festive party season - alcohol is more dangerous than Ecstasy and LSD, and would be a class B drug if put forward for official approval today.

    That's the view of leading addiction specialist and University of Otago professor Doug Sellman who says that despite being scientifically determined "high risk", alcohol has become almost as easy to access as bread and milk.

    Writing in the New Zealand Medical Journal, Sellman said alcohol was closer in danger to heroin and GHB than ecstasy and LSD and, in comparison, cannabis was much safer.

    "If alcohol was a new drug, a national alcohol crisis would be declared," he said.

    Sellman said research showed half of physical and sexual assaults were caused by drunk people.

    Alcohol also killed more than 1000 people a year, with half those deaths injury-related among young people and a quarter cancer-related.

    Sellman said New Zealand lacked a "robust" framework for drug control, as shown by the banning of BZP.

    He said the ban came after a public outcry, despite any evidence of deaths or addictive properties, while the "free market rolls on for two considerably more dangerous drugs - alcohol and tobacco".

    By David Fisher
    4:00 AM Sunday Dec 20, 2009

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  1. gregzy
    Alcohol kills way more than 1000 people per year.

    LSD has killed ZERO, Likewise cannabis in 15,000 years of history.

    Im not sure if my sources were correct on this one but i heard alcohol kills 1200 every day.
  2. bLuE
    booze is far worse than either.
    how many people beat up their wife or kids during an LSD session? unless they took way too much and think that they are aliens or something ha. but really...
    ecstasy can do some damage, sure. but how many fatal car crashes from mdma? in comparison its nothing. even if you compared all of the MDMA related car crashes and put them up against the drunk crashes of this year alone.

    as for health effects just look at the statistics...

    it seems obvious to swim. you booze, you loose.
  3. EscapeDummy
    LSD actually has killed people before, even directly. You can read up on erowid, there have been a few (very bizarre) incidents of people injecting or snorting INSANE amounts of LSD (the people thought it was a different drug) and there have been a few casualties.

    It's pretty safe though, unlike alcohol where its not all that hard to die from drinking too much.
  4. bLuE
    maybe impurities in the LSD, in such a high dosage, are fatal?

    swim knows that more often than swiy would think RC's are sold as "acid" or "ecstacy"

    people think they know the substance and take as much as they normally would..'

    almost all of the drugs that come on blotter that arent LSD can be fatal in overdose. 5-MeO-AMT, DOB, DOI, Bromo-dragonfly, ect
  5. I_8_my yellow crayon
    It is posted right on canadian cigarette packs that alcohol kills over 2000 people per year. Then on the MADD pamplet it says that there is over 3000 deaths per year in result of drunk driving. In canada. In which Im sure the government would be held back to produce the real results due to it being one of their biggest money makers next to lottery and gambling.

    Not to get off, topic, but I find it funny how I see 20-30 give or take Dilaudid deaths in Canada being called a "pandemic" in the Atlantic Provinces, when there has been 10 deaths this year alone in my hometown as a result of alcohol and just strictly alcohol. There was another 7 deaths which alcohol and other drugs combined.
  6. Terrapinzflyer
    while the turtle agrees that alcohol and tobacco are two of the more harmful drugs out there, he also thinks it is too commonly, and dubiously, used in the defense of other drugs. What's the old line- "lies, damn lies, and statistics."

    In most non muslim countries alcohol and tobacco are hands down the most widely used drugs, but the rate of use is rarely factored into these conversations. Likewise, alcohol is routinely screened for in car accidents, while other substances rarely are. (there was recently a fatal car crash in the turtles neck of the woods- cops were positive the kid was drunk, but the tests came back negative leaving them scratching their heads. From all reports its pretty clear he was on something- but it will never go into the statistics file).

    Likewise in his lifetime he has seen no shortage of accidents (vehicular and otherwise), as well as a myriad of health problems related to drug use in his friends and acquantices. The vast majority of these will never be figured into the statistics.

    Now the turtle is definitely not trying to absolve the myriad of problems presented by alcohol and tobacco, but does feel that conclusions are often drawn without considering all the angles...
  7. noAverageJoe
    This is wat swim always thought to be true.

    swiEverybody knows alcohol is a killer; damn, in swim country the commercials on tv always said: "Alcohol, it destroys more then you wish for."

    But a few years ago, about 8 or 10, it was marketed, and the target public was 18 and upward.

    Isn't it the case that the money it makes is much more important?
    swiAnyone really thinks it get's pushed forward into class B?

    If it were really a problem, a few hundred deaths, or even thousands of deaths a year due to alcohol intoxication, don't swiY think it would already have been banned?
    Swim thinks governments can't miss the shitload of money they make from this harddrugs.

    Damn, a few deaths due to an RC and it gets banned? Why alcohol still here ffs?

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