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  1. jessilee
    Drunk.. in a haze... im home now. But I have met my twin. Hot...but pathetic. So much to give... but needy. Beautiful soul. Yet stifled by "commitment" that doesn't follow a plan. Led to morals. The other doesn't follow. Taken advantage of a greed only a child can get away with.

    My twin. But the mirror is broken. I can see just enough to realize its not right. What does it say about me??

    I can lead you down a path. It can be good or bad. It can be Odysseus to rocks or the promised land. Sadly I cant change where it will take you. But know that the guilt will be my fate.

    The song...

    Mothers little helpers playing in my mind p rolly from the last tune heard... " Dr. Please 2 more of these... .. what a drag it is getting old..."


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