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Boozer has finally understood what he is.

  1. drbeer
    Hi all once again. I've finally been able to understand more boozer in his weirdness than ever. He's not insane, even thought he might look like to have multiple personas. It's quite easy in fact, boozer is really emotive by nature and doesn't mind showing them to others.

    He might not be consistent in his thoughts about himself but that's because when he's depressed he hates himself (his depression is caused by his thoughts also, since it's normally because he thinks he has hurted someone with what he said, when in fact it isn't the case). When down, he also thinks that he isn't a normal human being, that he's a distorted image of a human and that Earth is not his home planet. It also reflects on his cognition, he becomes a bit stupider and his memory takes a hit, he also becomes a bit more intolerant. It's during those times that he becomes a bit paranoid, feels hated by others and becomes more selfish.

    When he feels good though, he likes to share his good feelings and show that he loves others. He's also much more friendly and patient. He loves himself when he feels good, thinks he's good looking and feels like he's a part of this world. He feels like he can connect to people and that they appreciate what he does for them. He loves to give to everyone that he can be of use. He also becomes sociable, really open minded and caring.

    Anyway, hope this can help people better understand how boozer can sometimes be almost the opposite of what he was when he first started opening himself on DF and why his thoughts can change quite rapidly. At least his interests aren't changed by his feelings...


  1. Heretic.Ape.
    all very common... welcome to the world of the moody :)
  2. drbeer
    lol, that's why i love DF soo much, I know they can tolerate moody heterosexual guys :laugh:
  3. TMM
    I don't think anyone is consistent in their opinions of themselves - except for, of course, the very dull - and doesn't sometimes doubt themselves. Considering it's impossible to avoid the lows, I find it helps to embrace them when they arrive: let loose with your anger or frustration (not violently, lol) and let yourself get overwhelmed. It helps in the long run.
  4. Metomni
    You are what you were born to be combined with what you mold yourself into. Don't let preconceived beliefs about emotions get in your way.
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