Boozer thinks he might be women's best friend...

By drbeer · Jun 27, 2008 ·
  1. drbeer
    Hi all, I will talk again about the happy little boozer. Recently he thinks he might be women's best friend.

    Here's how it all started. About a month ago, Boozer got closer to one of his female friends. They did Ecstasy and speed 3 weeks ago and something went wrong at the end of the night. Boozer loved this girl and he had been showing that to her all night long, the only problem is that he knew she has a boyfriend. Don't worry they did not have sex, he isn't that kind of guy. Anyway, his friend felt ankward for quite a while after that night, as they both started to be paranoid and think that the other had hated the night. In fact, boozer learnt that he made her feel ankward all night long, while he was feeling great.

    Soon after that, somebody on D-F made him feel more confident. That night he did shrooms and realised that he needed to be more sociable so he could be liked.

    He then started to talk to all the girls he had on his msn list. All of them told him he was a beter person and that they kinda liked what he became.

    The reason boozer thinks he might be women's best friensd is because he thinks he's got a female brain. He loves to talk, is honest, doesn't want to hurt anybody and he tries to understand everyone.

    Anyway, this evening he recieved calls from two of his female friends. One from the girl he did amphetamines and XTC with, and the other one from another friend who was heartbroken and needed to talk.

    Thanks to all who read this, I'll try to continue Booze's tale next night. Until then, have a good night.

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