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  1. drbeer
    Gaahh... why can't they have anything good to drink close to where boozer lives. He needed to withdraw money to buy weed so he bought this thing called Trotters Sex on the beach.

    It's not a fucking sex on the beach, it's some kind of malt-filled suguary puke. Anyway, he finally manged to down it... after it was at room temperature (it stopped hurting boozer's stomach).

    Now he went back to his 60 oz of vodka... His stomach is much happier. He drinks it like it would be water :p.

    Today he recieved again calls from two girls.

    One of his friends, in which he has no interest, even said to him that she would rape him if he came to her appartment. What a weird girl, she's quite dependant affectively he thinks. Anyway, being the kind man he is, he didn't want to disappoint her, but he thinks he managed to make her understand that she's not the right kind of girl for him (he doesn't hate kinky women, just that she's quite impulsive and he feels she could want to chop his balls off for no other reason than she's on her period.)

    The other call was from once again his female friend that he had a crush on. She went to his house with her boyfriend, brought Boozer an oz. of good bud and they talked for about half an hour. She seemed quite sad to leave, but she needed to go back home because she was waiting a call. Anyway, after a hug and a kiss on the cheek, she went on her way, telling boozer that she should call him soon.

    After that, he logged on the internet and another female friend came and talked to him about some personal problems. He's still chatting with her at the moment.

    He feels great and loves when he's drunk, he becomes talkative.

    Anyway, have a good night people. Peace.


  1. Metomni
    Make sure you learn how you feel when you're drunk so that you can bring that sensation of free-speech back into mind when sober. Then you can say what you feel all the time instead of only when under the influence without feeling bad or ashamed. It took SWIM a while to learn this tactic, but it is very useful and nice to be able to do so.
  2. drbeer
    Yeah boozer has been learning that also. The only thing is that he's literally on fire when he's drunk or on other substances. Otherwise, he is just sociable :laugh:. It's quite a sad thing he can't control how he feels... only through the use of substances and nootropics :-.
  3. cyndi
    OH now I get the name boozer, lol, I am slow. Yeah I am very shy when not under the influence too so completely understand what you are saying.
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